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May 01 2010

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Scream Queen. Sarah Michelle Gellar is ranked among MSN's 13 top scream queens.

I'll bet she's the only one on that list who's scream could make your head go "pop." (if you happen to be evil and a gentleman)
Ironically, it wasn't actually her scream that did that in "Hush"--they used a "scream-over" ;)
I used to be soooo in love with SMG back in the early Buffy days, and when she was in those 90's horror movies, so in love that I actually bought my 8th grade girlfriend the ring Angel gave Buffy. LOL! I still remember how absolutely crushed I was when she got murdered in those movies, especially in I Know What You Did Last Summer. It was actually painful for me to watch. Back then I was all about SMG and Rose McGowan, and no movie deaths had ever gotten to me or have ever gotten to me since like their deaths in Scream and IKWYDLS.
JAYROCK: Oenr eason being why I'll nev er buy those DVDs. same goes for Taboo and Intermedio because of Amber. (Another reason is I hate slasher films.) I did buy Hatchet partly because MErcedes kinda likes taking roles like that, and partly because of her -ahem- certain scenes.
Hmmm Sarah's 9th and Jaime Lee's 4th l agree with the list wholeheartedly, but whose number 1?
Every time I watch IKWYDLS I always yell at the screen when SMG stops in that stupid alley! She was sooooo close. Why did she have to stop and turn around to see if he was still there? Keep running!!!!!
Queen of All Acting-onia.

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