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May 01 2010

Morena Baccarin interviewed on Brazil late night talk show Programa do Jo. Conducted during her V promotion tour and aired last Friday night, with some mentions of Firefly/Serenity (in Portuguese).

The interview is 15-minute long.
I was so happy that the host was more aware about Firefly / Serenity than I expected.
For people not fluent in Portuguese, here are some highlights:
- The origin of her 1st name: Morena's mother borrowed the same name as the daughter from one of her make-up artists.
- She moved to the US when she was 7, when her dad was sent to the US as a correspondent. She had the choice to move to New York or London, she chose the first.
- She thinks she's funnier in English than in Portuguese.
- Her mom stimulated her to start doing theather, and then she fell in love with the acting and knew she'd be doing it for life.
- She talks about how sudden was getting cast in Firefly.
- Jo Soares the host, says Morena has a natural star appeal, and having a different 1st name, is something sexy and beautiful.
- She talks about how Inara was as companion in Firefly. How she had a longer hair back then.
- Morena didn't cut her hair short for V, but for a role in another movie she was working on.
- They comment on how Vancouver play a lot of other cities, like New York.
- She discussed the process to be cast in V and her memories about the original V.
- She'd love to grow her career in the movies, either in Hollywood or also something in Brazil.
- She's still surprised, but enjoys being recognized.

For some reason hearing someone speak fluently in a language other than the one I'm used to hearing them speak in never ceases to fascinate me.
Thanks for the link, Numfar! Im from Brazil too, but I rarely watch "Programa do J".

Would be nice to see her doing some movies here. Maybe even some soap opera.
Thanks, Numfar. Loved that story of the guy who named his daughter and thankfully the daughter turned out good looking to fit with the name.
Thanks so much for the summary, Numfar. Can't say that I understood all that much of the Portuguese by myself, but it was delightful to hear Morena mention "Firefly" and "Joss Whedon" around the 5:10 mark. :-).
Thanks! I missed it live and was kicking myself for that! =)

I'm loving all the videos from Morena here in Brazil cause I've always wanted to hear her speaking portuguese! I thought she'd have a weird accent, but she doesn't. It's really cool to think that's she's here... I'd so stalk her if I was in So Paulo, haha.

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