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May 01 2010

Patton Oswalt joins Twitter! Patton Oswalt, who had a recurring role as Joel Mynor on Dollhouse, and author of the upcoming comic series about Wash from Firefly, "Float On", has joined twitter! Screenname is pattonoswalt.

I forgot for a day that he's part of the Whedonverse. I've been waiting for him to join twitter for months. He's my favorite comedian of all time.

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He's also really brilliant on Caprica, which you can loosely connect to the Whedonverse, like most great things.
Loving him on Caprica--but he's having trouble in RL right now with another comedian stealing his stand-up routines. Poor guy.
I also love him in United States of Tara. His character has had some really funny bits, and one sort of unexpected romantic moment where he stole my heart, and now I'm rooting for him to get the girl. Patton Oswalt rocks.
I originally watched United States of Tara without knowing who he was and how very awesome he is so I'm savouring every moment he has on screen this season. I also felt like such an idiot a couple of months ago when I found out he starred in a long-running sitcom. I still don't watch the show (forget the name - King of Queens?) but its awesome he's richer than I thought.

Whatevs, he's brilliant and I'm following.
Yeah, he's absolutely brilliant on Caprica. Anyone interested in some behind-the-scenes info/chat about him should check out the Caprica podcasts for the first episode he was in.
I love his character in United States of Tara. So good.
I like him on United States of Tara as well. ESG, far as getting the girl, not sure Charmagne really deserves him, looks like she's got some issues to work through before she's ready for a real relationship (much less the impending marriage and baby), though individually I like her character as well.

Also. Oswalt, especially as Neil on U.S. of Tara, is ridiculously cute, IMO.

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