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November 20 2003

Sci Fi Opens a New 'Stargate' Let me get this straight: Firefly and Farscape get cancelled, but Stargate not only continues, but gets a spinoff? Is there no justice?

I've never seen an episode of Stargate. Is it any good?

... also, didn't Joss say Sci-fi told him Firefly was 'too sci-fi'?
In all fairness, "Stargate" gets better ratings than either "Firefly" or "Farscape" ever did. I don't think it's as good a show by any means, but I've always enjoyed it, and that the Sci-Fi Channel has decided to invest in it (and a spinoff) is hardly surprising.

That doesn't excuse what the Sci-Fi Channel did to "Farscape" (or what Fox did to "Firefly"), but let's not go blaming "Stargate".

Now "Fear Factor"...that's a clear sign that there's no justice in the world.
Stargate is a great show. It's got a touch of Joss' irreverence and pop culture stuff. Not nearly as interesting character-wise, but good sci-fi. Just cause we love Joss doesn't mean we can't also, yaknow, see other shows....
I like Stargate, it's relatively lightweight viewing but there's some funny lines and occasionally there's a really good episode and I love Jack (ya all want to see the Jack/Daniel slash). I think with another season it will be the longest running sci-fi series in US TV history.
I'm a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 and started watching it when it was on Showtime. It has been a huge hit for Sci-fi and it is bringing in the money for them. It is also a huge hit around the world and has a very large cult following like Buffy. I can't comment on Farscape because I hadn't really seen it but from what I read for Sci fi's reasoning, Stargate is the type of show that someone can start watching and get into it without worrying about not getting what's going on even though it has a long standing arc with the Gou'lds but Farscape was so complicated that if you didn't watch from the beginning you didn't get it. When they started to show Stargate they had a huge immediate audience and quickly gathered more viewers and that wasn't the case with Farscape. Fox is who screwed Firefly and although I wish the SciFi network had taken a chance on it, it's not their fault Firefly is off the air - that distinction goes to Fox and Fox alone. I'm looking forward to the spinoff and hope it's as good as the original. But I am foaming at the mouth at the thought of the Firefly movie and can't wait for that!
SciFi's line of reasoning is a load of hooey. I didn't start watching Farscape until the middle of S4, and I caught on pretty quickly.

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