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May 02 2010

Iqbal Theba posts a great Glee wrap party photo of him, Joss, and their wives. AWWWWWWWW.

MY GLEE FOR GLEE CONTINUES. (And don't forget fellow WhedonesqueGleeks: Joss's (and Neil's) ep airs May 18th. Added bonus: MOLLY SHANNON!)

[ edited by ProgGrrl on 2010-05-02 15:27 ]

This should be voted celebrity photo of the year! Soooo sweet!
And, as if this wasn't already a well known fact, men who are losing their hair always look better when they cut it short. I speak from personal experience.
Joss actually looks kinda great there... I wouldn't have recognized him without the caption ;-)
Wow, Joss is really looking good there!
I wouldn't have recognised him either! Doesn't he look a bit... elongated?

Edit: More to the point, the picture looks so warm and sincere!

[ edited by alqualond on 2010-05-02 19:30 ]
I love this!
Great pic! Love the new haircut.
Sleek, A-list auteur.

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