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May 02 2010

Joss Whedon sings 'Heart, Broken' on Return To The Scene Of The Crime. "In a live episode of This American Life, filmmaking legend Joss Whedon makes his very brave musical theatrical debut".

And he does it awesomely :)

Apologies for deleting this earlier, I thought this clip had been released last year and we had already seen it.
I think there was a bootleg cam version out at the time.
Yea. I've seen it.
Oh, it was deleted? First time I've seen it. You saying it was from last year? Huh.
The event was from last year. The video just got uploaded officially a couple of days ago.

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"He's not the story, he's just the doorway".


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He's not the story, he's just a door we open if our lives need lifting.
It feels a bit odd to hear people laughing at what Joss is singing.
Huh. Déjà vu.

Even when Joss is railing against the world he brings the funny.
I saw this simulcast in the theater, but the only online version was a bootleg version (not good quality at all), so it is a real pleasure to see a nice clear clean (not distorted) copy! I love this song to pieces.
I saw the bootleg and loved it, but I'm so glad there's a professionally shot version now.
Awesome, but you shoulda seen it on the big screen. His eyebrows were epic, two russet stallions leaping into the sky.

Can someone, please, post the lyrics for this?
Most of the lyrics are the same as the ones in the Commentary! version. It's just a bit towards the end that's different/new because it couldn't end the way it does there.
Why is it odd to hear the people laughing?
I thought is was odd they laughed also....I think it is, by far, the saddest song in both Dr. H. and Commentary! Joss telling us how he feels in fairly straight-forward terms....sorta refreshing, actually....
Marduk: Heart, Broken from Commentary! The Musical.
::Taps Foot:: Yep, I'm very offended, Simon. No, not really, just taken aback since I did a thorough search and I saw no clip had ever been posted.
Heh, in terms of the theme of the rest of the program-- that made it to podcast form -- this one seems to sort of stretch the concept a bit far.

I don't get why exactly people find it weird people laughed though? I mean there are a couple of pretty witty lines still and in the context they provide about exactly what Dr. Horrible was, they did a pretty decent summation of highlighting that bits of it were supposed to be funny while other bits were supposed to evoke actual emotion. (Though I do wish they'd have gotten through all of Freeze Ray.) Plus they did mention that it came from Commentary the Musical which is a bit of a ridiculous high concept that can't or shouldn't really be too humorless.
Personally, other than having to agree with a comment from the YouTube posting itself about Joss' form - seemed kinda minimalist, but I know nothing about forms while playing piano, so just ignore this comemnt if I'm off-base ;D - I think that this performance evoked the same spirt of satire that Tom Lehrer did with his albums: catchy songs with biting humour that audience can laugh at while the performer plays "straight".

Now, I dunno if that was Joss' intention or not...but it's what I got out of the performance.
I don't get why exactly people find it weird people laughed though?

In the context of the album, it feels like Joss' Tears of a Clown moment. That's why I find it weird.
Personally I always thought that 'Heart Broken' was very tongue in cheek: no one ever forced Joss to do DVD commentary, he has done it regularly since BtVS S1 set came out, which was before most DVD sets had any commentary included. And heaven knows that Joss gives great commentary! His commentary on 'The Body' and 'Objects in Space' should win commentary awards (if they gave awards for DVD extras). Also Joss 'quasi-fame' IS important to him: he loves to stand on stage at Comic con to a huge hall full of costumed fans (he admits it readily). That doesn't mean that he doesn't have a right to feel that fans want too big of a piece of him, and that he may feel that his heart is 'on sale now', but it also doesn't mean that it isn't very funny... . At least the way I see it, it is a riot... and layered, and subtle (all the reasons why this is my favorite song on the Commentary). Sorry about my grammar and punctuation.
I think it's about as serious as you would see Joss. Not only do I think the need for 'infotainment' damages creativity, I still think it hurts publicity. Which is funny because TMI is a product of publicity, which ends up hurting the product brand.
But didn't you see Joss mugging to the camera (in the second half of the song)? And how do we know that Homer didn't have fans who would hang out at the stage door wanting a Q&A, and autographs? I don't think people have changed that much in the last two or three millennia; the term 'infotainment' may be new, but fandom is part of human nature IMO.
I don't see why it can't be both. The song was seriously tongue-in-cheek but also serious as a heart attack. Because, as the immortal Mary Poppins said, Just a teaspoon of sugar helps the medicine go down, or in this case, Joss' viewpoint. All of his work, that I've seen, intertwines humor with drama. Yes, there are stand-alone dramatic and tragic moments, but this song wasn't one of them.
Joss is so talented. I have never been so obsessed(I was going to use another word there, but after thinking for a few minutes that is exactly the right word) with a semi-quasi-famous person this much in my whole life. I will follow Joss' work for the rest of my life I think.

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