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May 02 2010

Buffy Season 5 : new amazing trailer. And the very epic Angel Season 2 trailer is here. Every fan should see this.

And for those who haven't seen them, check out Buffy Season 4 and Angel Season 1 by the same guy.

I have the season 1 through 4 trailers on my ipod! Happy to see the latest edition. Whoever makes this does a great job and really knows his or her way around an edit suite.... they should definitely be noticed for their work.
I really like all of these. Fantastic work.
Really great :). I've never seen any of these. Thanks for posting the link.
It really is time I watch Buffy again.
I had never seen any of these, but I just spent the last 30 minutes fixing that error and now I'm jonesing to watch the series again even though I just finished both of them!
These are amazing. Makes me want to watch both shows over again. Now to find a spare 254 hours...
Whoa- that's spectacular!
My favourites are his trailers for BtVS S2, BtVS S3 and “Angel” which basically was a trailer for the character and the other vampires in the show. I love all of his trailers but those three feel like you’re being told a story whereas his latest ones are more just more snippets of what you'll see in the season. I think my fave is probably his BtVS S2 trailer as I get shivers in the middle as he uses the music and clips just so damn well. I also love the tension he manages to create between Buffy/Faith in his S3 trailer.

All of these trailers are astounding and he should be hired to promote Whedon’s shows from now on!
Very, very well done! I love them all, this person is fantastic at what they do!
I'm glad these are back on Youtube because they were taken down at one point.
This guy just gets better and better. Fantastic trailers. can it be possible to love a TV show as much as I (and I'm assuming "we") do? I just don't understand this. Buffy totally changed my life, and I love it when a media outlet can represent the essence of the show. Bravo, dude! Well done!!!
These are really good. Does anyone remember the web site ? It was a german site that had clips from new episodes before youtube was invented. Well they also had trailers for every episode of both shows and they were really good but I think these might be better, wow!
@eddy : yes I remember, these trailers were made by smgfan2000. He made his own website after, but it closed a few months ago. You can now find his trailers (not the older ones) on YouTube, and they are pretty amazing too.
These trailers are amazing. My only gripe is that most of them are incredibly spoilery that I wouldn't dare show them to people who haven't seen the season in question. Except for Angel season 1. That doesn't spoil the big moments, and I might end up showing it to a friend who's seen all of Buffy but no Angel.

They are a lot of fun for a fan to watch, though. I should put them all on my ipod too.
Those were both amazing!
Need to watch Buffy season 5 again now..

How did people get the trailers on their ipods?
Amazing! I love it, cant wait for more!
Wow. Goosebumps!
Wowie! These are amazing!
These are EXCEPTIONALLY well-done. And I normally don't care for fan-made items.
no words, amazing!
That's 3 words...

These trailers are amazing. My only gripe is that most of them are incredibly spoilery that I wouldn't dare show them to people who haven't seen the season in question

We're talking about 22 hours of content, condensed in a couple of minutes. Sure, there's spoilers, but I'm pretty sure that nobody who has seen these and not the series remembers them. Plus, I think by now, they're mostly fanservice anyway.
If you watch a trailer for a movie after you watch the movie you'll realize they give away alot of spoilers too(death scenes!) but all the clips move so fast that you can't really figure out what you're seeing unless you already know the story.
These trailers are frakking amazing work. Well done to the editor. Definitely makes you want to re-watch the entire series again from scratch.
Jaw-droppingly amazing. Makes me want to go watch the early seasons again... So. Much. Fun.

And I really like that he set up some of the great gags and then didn't follow through -- too often trailers spoil not only big events but also the best jokes.
Love these trailers, they're brilliant. My favourites are Buffy S1 & Buffy S2. Can't wait for the rest.

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