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May 02 2010

Extended Serenity gagreel which didn't make on to the DVD. Ten minutes of 2004 for your pleasure.

Oh that made my day!! Thank you for posting!! =D

Wow, that's been there for over 1 year. How I missed that before? O.o

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How has that been on YouTube since February of 2009 and no one posted it previously?
That was exactly my thought. I have no idea.
Oh, sweet. I hopefully haven't seen this one yet. They look like such a great group to be around and it would have been amazing to be part of it.
Oh, that's hysterically funny!
I'm surprised so many people haven't seen it. I remember seeing it before the DVD came out and was disappointed the DVD had an edited version.
This was the gag reel for the cast and crew only, correct? I know that Nathan brought it to some con and showed it, and I've been waiting ever since for it to be released into the wild as the extended cast gag reel for Firefly was.
It's not a double but the copyright seems questionable. Was there ever more definite information after the 2007 discussion?
I was a bit disappointed when I first saw that this was taped by someone in a theater (at one of the special preview screenings?). But - getting the crowd reactions with it was actually pretty fun! Slightly different edits on some of the stuff we did have, and a whole lotta stuff we (well, most of us) hadn't seen before - very nice!

It does seem amazing it was never posted before - maybe anyone who came across it before assumed, because it so was significant, that it must have been linked here already and so it just kept getting passed by? (Oddly, I was spending some time on youtube today and saw some BtVS and Angel gag reels; but this link didn't come up, at least that I noticed.) At any rate, nice find - thanks!
There's apparently a gag reel on the Australian dvds that I would love to get my hands on, having only seen screen caps, but it doesn't seem to be on youtube that I can find...
The Australian gag reel is the same as the US gag reel.
Ah, good times...
I will watch it a million times and it still never fails to make me laugh.
It seems like there was a couple of pretty good bits that weren't copyright iffy (in terms of music) or language safe. Like the bit where the Reaver ship just putters along slowly? For some reason I always would have just assumed it cheaper to CGI that rather than build an actual rig considering you pretty much never saw anyone interact with it directly.
That was so much fun. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks.
Fox had a bit of a clampdown on Firefly at one point on YouTube, taking down the extended gagreel in the process. However, they've since let the gagreel go back up. Universal hasn't touched this one.
Just a shame the sound isn't better, like with the Firefly extended gag reel (which, of course, has tons of cussing).
I don't think I have ever laughed harder than hearing Alan Tudyk declaim, "I'm gonna tap that ass."
@The One True b!X - no, there is some kind of extra behind the scenes compilation of the cast goofing off on the Australian version that's not on either of the US versions I own. Maybe its not titled "gag reel".
So cool to see the full gag reel again! It's when the full gag reel is seen that one can appreciate how truncated the one on the DVD extras is... which always bothers me.

This full gag reel was shared, rather low-key, with a few groups of fans back in the Summer of 2004 at Dragon*Con. Such a special treat courtesy of Mr. Baldwin. The cast has such a chemistry whether they do their lines beautifully, or when things veer off and hijinks ensue. This gag reel could probably be 4 times as long (and probably even longer than that) and still have loads of quality hi-larity... and I'd be glued to every minute of it.

It would be great if any copyright issues could be resolved so that a high quality copy of the extended gag reel could be available with the movie... all cussin' intact of course!
no, there is some kind of extra behind the scenes compilation of the cast goofing off on the Australian version that's not on either of the US versions I own. Maybe its not titled "gag reel".

I don't see anything like that listed on my copy.
There's no way an official version of this will emerge. They don't have the music rights for one thing. Same goes for they Firefly extended gagreel.

There was a DVD copy of the Serenity one floating around, but it got messed up before I could rip it.
This particular video was recorded at FarpointCon in Baltimore, in Feb 2009. Alan Tudyk was the featured guest that year (Felicia Day was the Guest of Honor this year). I had the distinct pleasure of being in the audience that evening. I even heard my own voice on the video, shouting "Sound!" at the beginning! lol

The Gag Reel in question was given to Alan by Nathan Fillion. The youtube vid ends before we see the epilog, wish is a Mal action figure giving Jewel Staite the finger :D

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