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May 02 2010

Happy Birthday Christina Hendricks! Beauty personified was born today.

She turns 35.

I had no idea she played a bar worker on Angel in season one (episode, The Prodigal). Interesting.
52 episodes of Mad Men... Wow! And to think I've only seen 39 - Roll on season 4.

EDIT: Oh, and Happy Birthday Christina!

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Happy birthday, Christina!

I'm so glad she was cast as Joan on Mad Men. She is absolutely fabulous in that role.
I'm sure I can't be the first to suggest a Saffron spin-off...

Christina Hendricks as a con-artist from the future? How could the studio's resist?

And as far as other dream projects go, how about Whedon's Angel's starring Morena, Christina and Charisma as the ass-kicking angels with Tony Head as an eye-glass cleaning Bosley. (Or since their names all end in A, they could be the new A-team...)

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Happy Birthday, Christina Hendricks! When you're good, you're very, very good and when you're bad, you're awesome!
I had no idea she was that old. Not that I'm calling her old. I thought she was like 28 but when I remember that Firefly was almost 10 years ago I should be going "duh". I'm still waiting for the Serenity sequel where Saffron joins the crew for another heist.
Happy Birthday, Christina!
Happy birthday!

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