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November 20 2003

Photos of Charisma Carpenter at Last Night's 'Miss Sixty Energie Los Angeles Store Opening.' Bai Ling (from the 'Angel' first season episode 'She') was also in attendence.

There are also photos from the afterparty, although Charisma is apparently not pictured.

Not to mention a certain Eric Balfour (Jesse from Buffy 1.1 and 1.2)!
Ah yes, forgot about that. Good catch. Also nice to see some current and ex-WB stars like Alyssa Milano ('Charmed'), Ashley Scott ('Birds of Prey'), and Scott Speedman ('Felicity') there as well.
EDIT: Nevermind. I can't read.

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i still think it would've been awesome if jesse came back in BtVS S7 and freak xander out =)
Found two larger photos here and here (links courtesy of the posting board).

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