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May 03 2010

Emma Caulfield talks about "turning down" a 'Battlestar Galactica' role. She also discusses what she's been working on lately.

Gah, I wish she said what role they offered her in BSG! Speculations anyone? Maybe Six?

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Starbuck wasn't it?
Yeah I've never seen the show (planning on it) and don't know who that is, but I remember reading it was Starbuck.

Hope Emma will get another big gig soon, glad she's enjoying herself. Can't wait to check TiMER out.
I'm not going to be able to get that image out of my head. If she really turned down Starbuck, what a missed opportunity!
That's very interesting.
I don't quite see it. Katee Sackhoff was my favorite in BSG, so for me it's hard to picture someone else in her spot, but it was a great character, so yeah... it'd probably be a great opportunity to Emma!
Her wiki page says she "passed up the opportunity to audition for the roles of Six and Starbuck..."
Let's get Caprica a second season and Emma on it asap.
I think Caprica has been renewed for a second season.
It's too bad Emma turned down the BSG gig. It would of been great seeing her on BSG.
Although it would have been cool to see her on BSG it would have meant Katee Sackhoff wouldn't have come up on my radar.

Don't know if I could see her as Six. She's attractive but there really is something outstanding about Tricia Helfer.
Oh if that was the case (Emma as Starbuck) then I'm actually glad she turned it down because Katee Sackhoff is totally the HBIC on BSG.

That being said, I'm all for her on Caprica!
By turning down I think she means not-actually-auditioning.
Quite a big difference between turning down and not-actually-auditioning, so I expect the article is putting words into her mouth (note the lack of an actual quote about it.)

Certainly couldn't see her as being Starbuck, but I could imagine her doing fairly well as Six. Having said that, if she had of gotten either character they would have ended up very different.
Re: "turning down an offered role" v. "passing up the audition" question. Yeah, it's a bit different, isn't it? Emma's wikipedia page cites a "Watch With Kristin" article for the not-auditioning claim but, unfortunately, the link no longer goes where it should . . .

Still, since we apparently linked to that same article here in April 2008, (possibly rendering this whole story, um, non-news?) let's assume it said that. Adding some speech marks to this title as a consequence.
Yeah, I have to say, as much as I love Emma, Starbuck and Six were both perfectly cast (and they were relatively-unknown actors at the time too). BSG wouldn't have been half the show it was without them. It still blows my mind how they managed to pull together such a perfect cast on that show.
I immediately thought of her as Racetrack when I read this, for some reason. Or even Kat. Definitely a hotshot Viper pilot.
For superheroes, I could see her as Mockingbird, though I'd be genuinely shocked if that character ever appeared in a movie.
Hotshot viper pilot would've been cool but Starbuck and 6 were too amazing as played by Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer, wouldn't change them for quids (and to me it added something that 6 was significantly taller - especially with heels added - than Baltar, it emphasised his weakness before her. According to IMDB - so it MUST be true ;) - Emma Caulfield is 5' 5" and that would've changed the dynamic IMO).

Saw the trailer for 'Timer' last week and it looks pretty decent for that sort of film, if it gets a wide release over here I may well check it out.
Well if they ever include Hawkeye in an Avengers movie then I could see them having Mockingbird, if only to kill her off. And/or bring back.

She could be a plausible Janet VanDyne? Even though I've sort of been hoping they'd go with the Ultimate version to add any sort of ethnicity to a potential lead cast.

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