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May 03 2010

(SPOILER) io9 interview with Buffy Season 8 writer Brad Meltzer. Some minor spoilers about what to expect (one-liners, and a teasing "I will reveal nothing").

You beat me by about a minute :). Whether preview for #35 btw?
I asked Allie about the preview for #35, if we were getting one, and he said yes. He thought that it should have already gone out. Perhaps the marketing folks have other ideas...
At this point, I guess we'll have to wait for CBR's previews, which are usually posted the day before, or the day of the releases. :(
Great interview.I've always liked Meltzer's comic work and have enjoyed his Buffy run.
There's also the bit about him taking questions for 24hrs... so I think that people should totally seize the barracuda.
Two seconds after claiming that he was all about the higher 'it's never been tried before' (what universe exactly does he live in? oh, yeah, Florida), he's congratulating himself on handling 'great, meaty things' . . .

Poor, poor Buffy . . . what did she ever do to deserve this . . . ?
Two full years thinking about how Buffy and Angel should F#!K comes to this.
Yeah. So that was the main plot point, the first thing planned. "I think Buffy and Angel should f#@k! And we should show it because we can!"

I must have missed the thread in which it was already previewed, and discussed, but I dig the X-Men tribute alternate cover of #35.
bluegrrl: ...What did Buffy do to deserve WHAT? Having sex?

Xane: I don't think that's what the interview implies at all. It seems rather that the connection between Buffy and Angel was planned from the beginning as an important plot point in season 8. And you know what? They should show it because they can. It was tasteful and -- let's be honest -- hot. (Speaking as a gay man here.)

Edit: And I'm actually getting sick of the tribute covers. This is why I mostly stick to the Jen Cho variants.

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Jo Chen, you mean? :)
The homage covers were mandated by Brad Meltzer.
I knew I was getting the name wrong. >_<;; I love her covers and I can't even remember her name. Wow, I feel like a douche, haha.

I liked the homage covers at first, but now it seems like there are too many is all.
On the bright side, you have all the correct letters in there. :)
Somehow back then I wished for a connection between Holland Manner's point of view in Angel 2/15 "Reprise" and the notion of a "first evil", that evil was first brought into the world by overstrained humans misguidedly inflicting pain to the weaker in order to get some relief, thus creating a vicious force, the first evil ....
"Two years" and this was the best they could come up with for this scenario? Good grief.
Xane said:
"Yeah. So that was the main plot point, the first thing planned. "I think Buffy and Angel should f#@k! And we should show it because we can!"


Brad Meltzer said:
"...we knew Buffy and Angel were going to have sex, that was part of everything I sent him two years ago." [emphasis mine]

They should show it because there's nothing wrong with it and they are no longer subject to TV censors impeding on their storytelling.

Not sure what Meltzer meant about no one having shown it before, as bluegrrl points out. Would need to know what he means more specifically. 'Cause superhero/superbeing sex has been shown before (although currently, outside of Watchmen, all I can think of is the Superman-mocking scene in Garth Ennis' The Pro), so maybe he means planet-destroying sex hasn't been shown before (in comics or on film/TV?) ? Or that no one's ever displayed two mainstream, network-TV, previously-only-shown-in-arguably-chaste-looking-sexual-display characters in a bare/honest/extreme fashion ? (not criticizing by calling it extreme--it was, it was reality-shattering crazy-sex, heh)

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Ten-to-one the Daffy Duck cartoon is "Duck Amuck." The real question is who is the stinker?
What's the big deal with the sex?

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