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May 03 2010

Pictures of Joss Whedon directing Neil Patrick Harris on Glee. Check them out.

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Could someone trim the #respond anchor off the link so it doesn't go straight to the comments at the bottom, bypassing the post?
just has to be on perez hilton's site.
At least Perez is a fan of Joss :)
***whispers*** Joss' hair.....why is it running away??
Beardless Joss makes me really happy. :-D
wow! Joss Whedon directing a shot with cheerleaders in it... that brings back memories

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Oh my goodness, I am so beyond excited for this. I cannot wait!
Really looking forward to this, but have to say I am not enjoying this half of the season of Glee as much as I enjoyed the first. At E4 pace, we are three episodes in and it all just feels a little lackluster. The first episode was very funny but spent the whole time trying to destroy everything that went right for each of the characters, the Madonna episode was obviously built around the songs, and the last one very predictably used 'Beautiful' sung by Mercedes and introduced Finn being unable to move on from the death of his father - a story that could have been handled much more powerfully if they had of built up towards it. I'm not going to even go into the bizarre thing with April and Will.

The cutting back of the more mature and darker edges has just been getting steadily more pronounced - a show that included a drug dealing teacher who was accused of coming on to one of the pupils and a kid that had to think of the time he ran down a cyclist to prevent himself from ejaculating seems far away now - and it constantly appears to be becoming more and more aimed towards the safer young teenage audience.

Still, it is only three episodes into the return and hopefully they can get back into the swing of things soon. They still have some great characters there that they can build upon.
Eh, I think the show sort of verged away from some of the edgier elements into overwrought after school special territory pretty early on, even though they make random appearances still. I actually like how they're finally dealing with the ensemble cast a bit better though, in that they're actually getting storylines despite the fact there's also a gimmick of the week or amazing guest star or a continually ballooning cast.

Also, I'm vaguely surprised to see Perez Hilton actually like things, particularly nerdier elements ala Whedon. I'm so much more used to the idea of him randomly bashing [quasi-?]celebrities and defacing pictures in MS Paint.
I think Perez Hilton has long been a fan of Joss's stuff.

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