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May 03 2010

Adam Baldwin is number one with a bullet. IFmagazine talks to the actor about Season 3 of Chuck, guns, Stone Cold Steve Austin and 'Leverage'.

ah man, I got all excited about Adam guesting on Leverage, only to have my hopes smashed with a "wouldn't it be great to" type question. A Eliot/Casey fight would be epic. Did Adam Baldwin and Christian Kane ever share screen time in Angel? I can't remember...
Aww, man, that's what I thought too, Whisper! Too bad.

I know Adam/liaison was in Not Fade Away, and Lindsey was too, but I don't think they were ever together.

Edit: Hamilton! That was Adam's character's name. Shame shame on me.

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Nice of iFMagazine, part of the same company that makes Leverage, to make sure to plug their own show in that interview. Do they do that often?
Whisper-The only scene Hamilton and Lindsey were in together was in the parking garage right after Angel and Spike rescued Lindsey from W & H's suburban hell. Lindsey didn't seem to display any demon-like strength and Hamiltion was well-dressed and only wanted Eve's signature so he could become the new liasion.

And oh be way cool if Adam did guest star on Leverage.

bix-I haven't seen them do it very often, no.

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The article should have perhaps noted that Adam Baldwin and "Leverage" producer Dean Devlin have a professional relationship dating back to "The Patriot" (Devlin produced/co-wrote; Baldwin co-starred). That may have been the basis of the question.
actually, they go all the way back to 96 and "independence day." i'd love to see him on leverage!
He seems like a classy guy. And hey with Independence Day possibly getting a sequel, here's hoping Adam's character can return.
Adam is actually very good friends with Dean Devlin, who is the producer of Leverage, for over 30 years. They worked on their first movie together "My Bodyguard", Adam starred in the film and Dean was the Directors PA. They have talked about Adam guest starring on Leverage multiple times. He was actually offered the "Tap Out Job" bad guy role but Adam and Dean wanted more than a one shot opportunity for Adam. They want to give him an arc like Sterling aka Mark Sheppard, who also happens to be long time friends with Dean and Adam. I actually asked Adam about doing Leverage at the Creation Serenity event last year, so I would not be surprised if he does show up. Like he said however, it will depend on if Chuck is picked up how big of an arc he can do for Leverage, if he is working on Chuck, he thinks he can only do a 3 episode arc of another show.

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RavenU, think Adam is in a class act by himself. He's going to be fine.

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