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May 03 2010

(SPOILER) Six page preview for Angel: Barbary Coast #2. This issue will be coming out tomorrow.

Looking forward to the new issue.
Ya am looking forward to this too. The 1st issue was fantastic. I hope IDW announce some other 'flashback' comics at this years Comic Con.
Isn't John Bryne supposed to be doing a Spike flashback comic later this year?
How long is this mini-series? Is it three issues?
I finally bought the first issue based mostly on good reviews here and othe places. I haven't received it yet though. But I must say that I'm not loving the art here which is disappointing. I get it's a 'style' but Angel could still look like Angel.
@Invisible Green: I'm pretty sure that this miniseries will span 3 issues.
I picked up both issues yesterday and have to say I enjoyed them. It's fun. Loved (Brian) Lynch's guest appearance as a bartender. I'd recognize those sideburns anywhere.

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