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May 04 2010

(SPOILER) Part 1 of Buffyfest's interview with Brad Meltzer. Part 2 will be about Buffy #35.

Nothing much here. But I think I'm starting to understand what exactly they've been doing with S8, how the season is shaping up thematically, as well as why Angel became Twilight. I think I even figured out Angel's justifications and motives. We'll see. Roll on Thursday.
Must find out if the Bank Holiday here in the UK has delayed the new comics till Friday.
Kaan - please share, cos I'm damned if I can figure it out!

Simon - Yes I think it will have affected it.
I really hope it hasn't, since I'm going home to vote on Thursday anyway. Never mind.
Ha, I don't think I should because I'm always wrong! But what I'm thinking is nothing earth-shattering, it's not like I've had an epiphany or anything. I don't have any clue how Angel turned into Twilight or how it will mesh with the Angel comics. Or how it is going to end.

I've just been thinking a lot about some stuff Joss has said over the years, about what motivates him and how he thinks of story. Where he was at when he first started S8. And I'm not that good with typing about themes and metaphors and all that stuff because I come at things a little differently, and whenever I talk about those things it gets all muddled.

I can say my train of thoughts started with the phrase, "It's about power", but that can be applied to pretty much anything to do with the Buffyverse. ;)

Or how about this: Itís about what they want, what theyíre prepared to do to get it, and how the Twilight!Zone shapes that. And for Angel, itís not all about Buffy...

Sorry, not trying to be a tease or anything. Itís all just floating around the noggin and I'm not too good with the deep-thoughts-articulation.
Legendary? Nope.
"Legendary" is hyperbolic at the moment, for sure, and I doubt much will really go down as "legendary", given all the available entertainment/storytelling out there these days, but within its own category, Buffy Season 8 (and this arc) might turn out to be legendary. Once again, you're not psychic. Within critically acclaimed TV-land (or official-comics-that-continue-TV-stories, of which there're several going on at the moment), depending on how many viewers/readers accept this story and how much media attention it gets, in the end, it could qualify for legendary. I'm not sure if "legendary" is a subjective thing, or if it requires a sizeable enough portion of the audience to remember it and continue talking about and/or re-reading it, and garnering new readers over the years (that'd be my guess for how something qualifies. Like Beowulf or Spartacus vs. the likely many forgotten, less interesting, or buried-for-political-and/or-religious-censorship-reasons historical tales and myths, BtVS Season 8 could go either way).

What I do know is that I'm tired of typing the word legendary (don't overdo it, How I Met Your Mother fans, please) and that I couldn't let your drive-by pot shot go without a response. :D

[ edited by Kris on 2010-05-04 21:26 ]
Legendary like when you get roofied in Vegas and wake up in a bathtub filled with ice and your kidneys are missing?
That's an urban legend, not legendary. :)
Not to say it can't happen... but Vegas isn't as diabolical as all that, speaking from the perspective of my 15-year old self.
Just being silly. I LOVE Vegas. At least four or five times a year.

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