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May 04 2010

Happy Birthday Vincent Kartheiser! He turns 31 today.

Raise a scotch on the rocks to celebrate.

Awwww, really? Our boy is growing up, and I say that as someone who is at an age able to say that. I always wondered what happened to Connor and after my last job layoff, I really couldn't justify the money to continue with AS6 or Buffy S8. Don't know if he was included in Angel's continuation.
Indeed he was involved in Angel: After the Fall. Check out the Wikipedia page if you would like to catch up on the character's doings.
Happy Birthday Vincent! :)
Budget-minded hint for catching up with Whedon TV: Netflix. (Only good in the USA, alas.) See what happened to Connor!

For a few dollars a month you can see all of Buffy, Angel, & Firefly. Plus Season 1 of Dollhouse (Season 2, after it's out on DVD). They'll send DVD's or you can stream directly to your PC (or TV, if you've got the setup).

Not to mention a ton of other good TV & films for really cheap. (You can also see Vincent's further adventures in Mad Men--only on DVD but excellent.)
Happy Birthday, Vincent Kartheiser!

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