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May 04 2010

Ignore Stephen Baldwin, restore Joss Whedon. An enthusiastic pro-Joss response to "Restore Stephen Baldwin".

This video is made of so much win. It was pretty awesome. "Oh I just spoiled that" Hahaha! Hilarious!
"David Boreananaz" lol.
That video just seemed weird
Hilarious, I ran over to see if had been posted! You win this round ESG!
I was shocked it wasn't up already. I have my brother to thank for finding it on accident.
Is it just me or is it odd that they don't mention Buffy at all?
Yea, I was trying to figure that out. They could have made the David reference there, too.
Oh and, I saw it in a link by gossi on Twitter. I'm not sure why he didn't put it up.
That was hi-larious. And Amen about the prequel!

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My best guess as to why Buffy wasn't included is because it actually wasn't cancelled, whereas everything else had been? I thought the end of Buffy was planned where Sarah announced that she wouldn't be returning after season seven.

Either way, definitely a movement I can get behind! Nice video.
The fact that typing in the address bar brings you to thebighonkin's youtube channel (and the video) made me laugh.
Shanshu, I too was puzzled by Buffy-lackishness. *shrug* She was the original SHAKC!
Buffy wasn't canceled. He was making a point about canceled Whedon shows.
At first I was sitting here going, "Is this just bagging on Stephen for being religious?"

But actually, that is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. The narrator's tangents are absolutely hilarious.

"And possibly, a Serenity sequel. Actually, it should be a prequel, because Alan Tudyk is awesome and we never got the backstory of Shepard Book. And they both died in that movie. Shit. I totally spoiled that for some of you, didn't I? My Bad."

Wait, should I spoiler tag that unintentional spoiler?
hee hee...I liked that
Joss should do Celebrity Big Brother?
Huh, it was pretty handy to actually watch the original for context. Frankly I'm a little surprised that one looked so posh for a quasi-charity thing. Also both videos give pretty good movie voiceover guy voice but the Joss one had such a bizarre cadence it sometimes sounded like a robot even if some of the script is pretty funny.
Joss should do Celebrity Big Brother?

If it's anything like the Extras Christmas Special count me in.
This video almost got me fired earlier today. I was laughing hysterically in my office and drawing serious looks from passers-by.
Three thumbs up!
At first I was sitting here going, "Is this just bagging on Stephen for being religious?"

You mean using religion to bilk people out of money? Not to mention the huge persecution complex.
I went through the same thought process about Bones

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Oh, that was awesome. :D
That totally made my day. ;_)
Very funny :)

Joss Whedon doesn't suck...
The way the voiceover read out his URL kinda sounded like "Restore Joss Whedon and his Smoking HotAss-Kicking Chicks", and that made me laugh. Along with the rest of the video, of course.
Funny, though I don't see anything wrong with Stephen Baldwin.
Kudos to Stephen Baldwin for inspiring this hi-larious ensuing.
A forest of thumbs, up.
Fraac, if you watch the video there's a little box that blips up to the original version of this video which calls Christians to financially support Stephen Baldwin ( buying tickets to his movies I assume? I really don't know if he is in any lately) since he's being persecuted for his faith apparently. Then all the glory goes to God even though logistically I figured at least some of that would go to Baldwin if it works out.
This is a riot, and very true: Joss Whedon does NOT suck (unless he really wants to).
That was stupendously unfunny.
KernelM - I'm afraid I'm not getting your reference. Are you specifically talking about Stephen Baldwin about the persecution complex?

I'll be honest, I don't know anything about his situation (don't particularly care to either) and I'm simply commenting on first reaction to the intro to the piece.
The Joss video is really funny, but the original Stephen Baldwin plea for $$$ is appalling. He needs money because he's being persecuted for his faith? Was it his faith that compelled him to incur millions of dollars in debt and then decline to pay his taxes on top of it? I'm sure there are plenty of causes Jesus would want good Christians to contribute their money to, but I'm highly skeptical that subsidizing the lavish lifestyle of a financial deadbeat is one of them.

His bankruptcy petition says his Upper Grandview, N.Y., home is worth $1.1 million, but he owes $1.19 million on two mortgages. Big income tax troubles are also evident from the court filing, with $749,974 owed to the IRS on taxes as far back as 1999 and a $139,288 debt for unpaid withholding taxes, as well as $194,527 in unpaid state income taxes.

The youngest of the acting Baldwin brothers also has more than $70,000 in credit card debt to shake, according to court documents.

Mortgages, Taxes Push Stephen Baldwin Into Bankruptcy
Yeah, what is with the lack of BtVS? Sure, the focus was on canceled shows, but was Serenity canceled? So therefore it's not fair. Plus there's plenty of smokin' hot chicks from BtVS too!

Still hilarious though!
Serenity was a spinoff of a canceled show. Let's complain about the fact that the video didn't mention Wonder Woman being canceled before they even started filming it. Now there's a smoking hot ass-kicking chick.
Alright, that was bloody hilarious.
Boreananaz. Hee.
Excellent and too sadly relevant satire.
"Firefly was fucking awesome." haha loved it!
Still chuckling over this. Highlighting the disgusting grifting of the amazingly uninformed by Baldwin is just an added bonus.
Serenity was cancelled. Did we ever see a sequel? I think not.
It's cute. I find it very interesting that in all the hot ass-kicking females none of the Buffy cast is mentioned.

Don't like spoilers in things though. I like to be able to rec things like this to people who haven't seen the shows/films but I don't want to spoil them.
The voiceover was done by my old pal Caleb (, who's quite a fellow.

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