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May 05 2010

(SPOILER) EW's 20 Most Shocking TV Deaths. "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" comes in at #6. Major spoilers for other shows.

Dang it. I thought I would be safe, but I got spoiled for BSG, which I'm currently watching. Oh, well.
It's probably a silly thing to ask, but can anyone list all 20 shows so we know what's being spoiled?
For the future when trying to avoid being spoiled on a show you plan on watching, you might want to avoid "20 most..." lists. These posts are always chock full of spoilers.
Or even just on who's Buffy-related and what it says. I'm currently on a mass marathon rush to watch all of Lost before the finale and am paranoid as hell about spoilers right now you guys don't even know. :P
Clicking the link takes you directly to the Buffy-related death. I've tested it three times now. But just in case, here's the 20 shows featured for those who wanted them (hidden, 'cause some might find even that spoilerish):

But Joyce had been dealing with brain cancer for quite a while. Sure, she was supposed to be better but us having been primed like that... I wouldn't exactly call it "shocking".
Am I the only one who's calling shenanigans on this list for not including a very shocking death from M*A*S*H, specifically Season 3 (I think)? FYI I'm purposely being cryptic even though I doubt I'm spoiling too much given that the episode in question aired around 35 years ago =p
Yes, phattyt, that was a shocking death, as well, and it should be on the list, even though it didn't happen on screen--only the reactions. But I think it might have been the first death of a major character I had ever seen, and it had a profound effect on me.

I can see why Joyce's death is listed--I still see that as the most emotional hour on television I've ever watched. But "shocking"? Yeah, that would have to be Tara.

I am surprised about the inclusion of the episode many people would be spoiled by. Not a nice way to find out. The list should have been postponed if the makers insisted on including it.
I did not cry over Joyce, but really got to sobbing with Anya's reaction to it. I cry just thinking about it.
I'm currently on a mass marathon rush to watch all of Lost before the finale and am paranoid as hell about spoilers right now you guys don't even know. :P
Jet Wolf | May 06, 05:42 CET

Then whatever you do, do not click away from the link (Joyce).
Seriously. :_)
Watching that list reminded me - did everyone notice that Dollhouse's Reed Diamond is on 24 now?

I'm currently grieving the loss of a favourite character of mine at #7.

I love that we're trying to avoid M*A*S*H* spoilers. :)

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Very decent list. I would have personally out BSG as the most shocking one, in my personal experience. My jaw dropped and stayed there for a while.
I wonder if they included that LOST death (#7), at the last minute, considering it JUST happened on Tuesday. haha.

And as the previous poster said, that BSG death was the very definition of shocking. There was no foreshadowing, and plenty of love for the character. I would have liked to see it much higher.

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I wasn't surprised by the BSG death. I figured that was were it was going through most of the episode.
Just because you weren't surprised does not mean that it wasn't shocking.

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