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"I think this line is mostly filler..."
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May 05 2010

The best and worst act-outs of Buffy Season 3. If you're not quite sure what an act-out is or want to be reminded of all 66 of them, then the author has a handy summary in a previous post.

the fella's description of the Columbine massacre is a little... uh... well, it's a little anyways.
A little analysis of some of the episodes from a structural scriptwriting point of view is actually quite refreshing. Not something you see everyday.
Very interesting and well done. But I agree with hiddenicon; the cavalier description of the Columbine massacre really threw me.
Yea hiddenicon, I didn't stop reading but I came pretty close. For someone who's trying to get a job with all his spec scripts, he may want to learn to censor himself a little better.

Things like that have a way of biting one in the posterior. I'd save lines like that for an obnoxious charecter in a drama you want the audience to dislike.

The truth is, I don't actually mind tragic humor. Done well, it has the power to make people feel better or at least work through their feelings on a real tragedy. This... it just seems flip and unnecessary.
I just think that he hadn't heard of the Columbine Massacre before, except in relationship to Buffy. The way he's talking about it, you can tell that he doesn't live in the US. He probably just doesn't realize how sensitive we are to that event.
A bit off-topic, but I say the very best act-out in the series can be summed up in six words: "I'd like to test that theory."
What did he say about Columbine? I can't find it in either links so I guess he removed it.
The interesting thing about "The Wish" is that how much Buffy became Faith in her characterization of the slayer "from Cleveland" that, like Faith, apparently had no watcher in the the alternate universe.

She has all of Faith's tough girl mannerisms (including spit-wiping her boot!) And, she recklessly wades right into the action and gets killed without her friends and watcher to guide and support her.
Oh good, I'm not the only one who couldn't find what everyone was talking about. Thought I was going blind for a second.

Kind of interesting piece, but I think it probably isn't really that relevant. All these "act-outs" follow a very similar pattern anyway, so I don't really see how you can classify some as bad and some as good, which can be seen pretty clearly by the nitpicking he has to do to pick the bad ones. The main reason an "act-out" would fail is if the episode or particular plot points weren't grabbing you.

Having said that, the best has to be "Showtime" (after "I'd like to test that theory," of course.)
So that's what that's called.

I remember devouring the BtVS DVDs and thinking how horrible it must have been to have to wait an entire commercial break (or even a full week or god-forbid months between seasons!) before having resolution.

I agree with the author that Joss cliff-hangs with the best of them.
This guy has way too much time on his hands!
I hadn't noticed those Faith mannerisms, Riverine, but I did notice (eventually) that in some ways, Wish-verse Buffy is like early S6 Buffy. And many of the problems of the Wish-verse, which seemed so horrible at the time, get echoed or surpassed later on. Willow's evil, Giles isn't Buffy's Watcher, Cordelia winds up dead...
According to profile, etc. linked to that, he's only 21 and lives in UK, so we should probably forgive him his apparent callousness in regard to Columbine. At least he seems to have removed the reference.
Count it as a lesson learned, young'un -- there are tender scars all around and part of maturity is in learning how to avoid them.
Well, I noticed it. It didn't actually drive me nuts. It was just so shocking. As you said FloralBonnet, he probably learned a good lesson. He removed the remark pretty quick.

Young is fun. Leads to all sorts of trouble (said the 29 year old.)

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