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May 06 2010

10 things you didn't know about Firefly. Television Without Pity recaps some of the highlights from the upcoming "Firefly: Still Flying" book. One of the plots from the short stories get discussed, so stay away if you don't want get spoiled for that.

Hmmm...most of us probably knew the majority of those. But, number 3? Might be why the mutant calf was on display. Laying in possible clues as always.
That's a nice catch, Znachki. I remember hearing that Bad Horse was originally a Ben Edlund-penned creation that was meant to show up in the fifth season of Angel at some point.

9 makes me weep for the Firefly that never was. Oh, how I would have loved a musical from River's perspective.

Also, holy crap at 2 - surely that's got to be a dream or something?

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See? They do like Joss'work over at TWOP...
Great comments, by the way - I have never heard the "Firefly is just Buffy in Space" bit. That's hilarious!
Firefly the musical... OH... MY... GOD. I'm simultaneously squeeing from the thought and disappointed that I'll never get to see it.
Ah, Vera, you fickle bitca.

And everybody say it with me:

"OOOOOOOOOOOOO klahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...."

Shadow meanders off with a serious case of the giggles, picturing Joss gathering his favorites together to make a "Restless" mishmash version of classic musicals.
It sure does have a long tail, Firefly.
2 sounds like just a clever ruse.
I certainly remember when #10 was posted here at WHEDONesque. It was proud day for Joss, I'd bet, as it was for all the rest of Geekdomia.

Of which I am a proud citizen - or denizen.
#2, didn't send me into a spiraling depression about my favorite character, but dang it all. Straight out of Papa Joss' Big Book of Killing People indeed. =(
#8 caught my eye (of course), I can't wait to see if they used the Jayne statue photos and interview that I gave them in the 'Still Flying' book.

Speaking of the statue- I took it out to see Adam when he came to town for the DFW Sci-Fi Expo a couple of weeks ago. Before he left the stage he said "thanks for bringing this back!" and started to walk off with the Jayne head...(nooo!)

Pics of Adam with the statue here:
Video of him and the statue doing a ventriloquist act during the Q&A here:

(mods feel free to delete if I can't post those here)
Fun article. there were a few I didn't know.
I'm surprised to still see haters around. I would've thought they'd have moved one by now.
"On the bright side, Simon and Kaylee have gotten married and have two brilliant kids."

Hm. The above sentence was the one that most stood out to me. And it brought with it a tremendous amount of dread. There must be something wrong, Joss' characters don't get happy endings. What could it be?
@Risch22 After I "Awwwwed!" in glee, it then occurred to me that the two kids will soon be kidnapped by the alliance to be experimented on.
#2 is more than a little bit horrifying. I'm trying to pretend I didn't read it.

@F_TB: No they won't! Aunt River will protect them. Who's better qualified?

That would make an awesome story, wouldn't it? The Alliance comes after the kids, and River has to use all her cunning and crazy-fu to outwit them and save her brother's family?
Having read it now, I think TWOP doesn't actually understand the story they spoil.
I'm responsible for #2. And goddamn I hate spoilers. Especially when they give away plot while completely disregarding the emotional impact that the events have on the narrative. And completely miss the point of the entire story (as Bix says). I hope you'll read the story -- and the rest of the book -- and disregard the "I'm first!!!" infantility displayed by TWOP.

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