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May 06 2010

Special offer on Joss Whedon and Tim Minear DVDs. Creative Screenwriting are offering a 20% discount to Whedonesque readers on their Joss Whedon: The Master at Play and Tim Minear - Breaking the Story DVDs. Details are as follows.

An Exclusive Offer to Whedonesque readers!

Our stock of Screenwriting Expo DVDs is almost gone, including our acclaimed titles by Joss Whedon and Tim Minear.

For a limited time only, readers of this site can take advantage of an exclusive discount while our supplies last!

Enter the coupon code Whedonesque in the shopping cart to receive 20% off each DVD by Joss and Tim.

Note: This code is only good for those two DVDs, although you may buy others if you wish.

Click Here to Order or For More Info:

Joss Whedon - The Master at Play:
Tim Minear - Breaking the Story:

Has anyone ever seen either of these? Are they worth owning?
I've seen Master at Play. Definitely worth owning. It's always entertaining and informative to listen to Joss speak. And if I remember right, Nathan Fillion introduces him.
Aye, it's worth getting the DvD just for the Nathan intro. It's superb.
Love the Joss one, have watched it more than once, and the excerpt I saw of the Tim Minear one also looked awesome.

ETA So I just bought it.

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Crap, just when I have no funds whatsoever :). Otherwise I'd certainly have bought these.
I love the "Master at Play" DVD. Joss is both very funny and very informative here, about both specific works and the writing process in general. I tend to find it inspirational, creatively, and enjoyable every time I watch it. And yes, Nathan's lengthy introduction is pretty hilarious.

I've heard good things about the Minear DVD as well, but haven't actually seen it... yet. Maybe this is a good time to remedy that....
Kind of a shame the discount doesn't even cover shipping.
I've been interested in these dvds for some time. So this is now my chance to take the plunge! I still wish they were cheaper, but I'm sure they'll be well worth owning, as Joss and Tim are two of my favorite writers, and they are also both exceptional speakers.

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