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May 06 2010

The Sexiest Mutants, Cyborgs And Posthumans Of All Time. io9's round-up of their top sixteen. Enver Gjokaj's Victor comes in at number 13 while a certain other familiar face is somewhere in there as well.

In what universe is Darth Vader sexy?

"Mmmmm, yea, I'd hit that! I mean he's so sexy! One arm! One leg! 3rd degree burns everywhere! MMMMM!"

I can understand the voice thing. James Earl Jones IS a dreamboat.
Thanks clubsilencio. Best laugh I've had all day. The list was missing Max Guevera and Alpha.
If we count slayers as post-human (which maybe we shouldn't) then I'd say Faith was robbed of her spot on that list. Issues can be hot.

No argument with the #1 pick, though.
I think it's hilarious that they're treating the actress Summer Glau as a post-human unto herself. Wasn't Milla from Resident Evil also Leelo Dallas Multipass from The Fifth Element among other presumably similar roles?
I can't really remember much about Molly's physical description beyond the mirror shades and razor nails, was she actually sexy or is that just how she's been represented on covers/fan-art etc. ? And presumably if she was sexy in 'Neuromancer' she was also sexy in 'Johnny Mnemonic', where she first appeared (either way, her bad-assery is in no doubt, great character).

Otherwise, no White Queen would ordinarily = FAIL but including Seven and Cameron redeems it (that and the left-field inclusion of the - bafflingly unsexy IMO - Darth Vader. Clearly the author is strange in exactly the sort of way I can relate to ;).
I think it's hilarious that they're treating the actress Summer Glau as a post-human unto herself.

I caught that as well -it's part of the reason why I made the description ambiguous.

Edit: oops!

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