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May 06 2010

Lisa Lassek talks Cabin in The Woods on GeeksOn Podcast. Cabin in The Woods editor Lisa Lassek briefly discusses the film, including issues with the studio and the 3-D conversion.

Discussion of the film begins at about 14 minutes, but Lisa is around for the full podcast.

I wish they would scrap the post-production 3-D. PLEASE.
All 3d movies are shown in 2d also. So why do people hates 3d films. Its a option.
I hate how the movie's been delayed due to 3D. But hey, idk if the poster of this can see this, but if they happen to I'd like to ask -Is your name from Supernatural, because it so seems like it! Alastair and crowley are 2 important demons on that show....=)
KaileeA42, as I'm sure aleister.crowley.sings will tell you, Aleister Crowley was an English occultist who made a great impact in the Neo-Paganism culture that exists today.

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There was a test screening? F*ckers. MGM is welcome to screen it for me during Comic-Con if they want to. ;)
So as of whenever they recorded this, the 3D conversion is "pending" due to MGM's up-in-the-airness? And for those who don't listen to it, Lisa says this: "You guys know that I hope we don't have to do the conversion."
KaileeA42, actually my handle is taken from BtVS 5x8. A customer is asking Giles about an album during the big Halloween sale at the magic box. Giles: "Aleister Crowley Sings? Um no, but we do have some rather nice whale sounds." Though I am also a fan of Aleister Crowley, at least reading about him.
Scary films could be really good in 3d. I don't think the technology is quite there yet.
Major ups to my beloved GeeksOn. Woot woot! Haven't listened yet. Maybe on my bus commute tomorrow.
That was really good--I listened to 98% of it. And I agree with Ms. Lisa--I hope they release the movie as it was intended, not in 3D.
I just hope they release it in 2D too. I can't wear the glasses, they hurt my face because I already wear glasses.
I've already talked about my opinion on 3D, so I won't go there.

Talking from a strictly artistic point of view, the film was never shot to be shown in 3D. I can imagine that many of those involved in the creative production of the film would not want it to be released in a format it was never intended to be in. I've also heard that the conversion process has not gone down well with 'Clash of the Titans' or 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Having said that, 3D films seem to do much better at the box office. Whether that is simply down to the higher price tag on tickets or it actually getting a sizable increase of bums on seats is debatable, but it is certainly an enticing prospect for the money men.
I think post-production 3D is similar to the early attempts to colorize B&W films. The attempt to make the original film more interesting, instead makes it a lesser film.

That is not the same as a film like Avatar, where the director has made a purposeful choice in the way the film is being presented.

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