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May 06 2010

(SPOILER) Brad Meltzer's full Twitter Q/A for The Twilight Arc. "That's it. Done. Did em all. Thanks to all who asked."

Q: @vampslaya: are the frays erin,melaka and harth going to be included in this whole orgasmic universe thingy
A: the fish from Fray did.

Q: @MateusCarneiro: how do you get the 1st pg has as reference: star wars & back to the future?
A: Huey Lewis/confusing english

Q: @Veiriti: @bradmeltzer I'm a huge Spike fan and I don't like Angel.Where is Spike?
A: Last page.

Q: Will Spike appear on 35 issue?
A: Yep.

Q: Does Buffy still love Spike?
A: We'll see.

Q: @LadyD224: @bradmeltzer Loved your run on Buffy! Don't stress the fans; they bitch about everything
A: Excellent question.

Q: @Veiriti: Did Angel use Buffy as a Key to open a portal to the Twilight reality?
A: They opened it together.

Q: Did he kill 206 slayers before to make his Key powerful?
A: They did die. Can't say he killed them

Q: @BabiGibson: What is it about this couple that makes us so emotionally connected to them?
A: Chemistry.

Q: @ErinRN: @bradmeltzer what character did you play on Buffy? I just don't remember who you are
A: I was Spike.

Q: @EnemyOfPeanuts: you just finished your run on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. What are you going to do now?
A: Play coy for a few hours.

Q: @AmyWhedonite: What was it like working with Joss on Buffy S8?
A: Fun.

Q: Favorite issue?
A: 34 and 35. And 32. 33 was written by my daughter.

Q: @KeithWTSMorris: in book of lies plot relies on art in panels yet siegal wrote. So everything was a secrect except to Shu?
A: Yup.

Q: @Avesdad: @BradMeltzer going to bea this year?
A: Yes, will be there.

Q: @ERIC_Cavalier: @bradmeltzer Who's your favorite Buffyverse character you didn't get to write?
A: Buffy's dad.

Q: @ERIC_Cavalier: @bradmeltzer Are you going to be back for Buffy season 9?
A: Not after this. (:-(Joke people!)

Q: @ERIC_Cavalier: And is there any chance of you taking on a Serenity comic?
A: Ohh, love that book. Can't wait for @pattonoswalt

Q: @passionvictim: @BradMeltzer Man you rock! Will it be possible for Satsu to be back?
A: Why not?

Q: @kendralynneee: Will the Angel-Buffy-Spike triangle NEVER END? Good intro for Spike though,
A: Do you want it to end?

Q: @aksubiegal: is there really going to be a Buffy season 8?
A: um...yes.

Q: @MaggieZerger: Why did you write willow so weak in #buffy? She's so unsure compared to the willow we all know
A: Angel doesn't think so.

Q: @padfoot_girl: In total shock at the conclusion of @bradmeltzer's arc in Buffy S8. Everything I wanted and more.
A: Great question.

Q: @Alex_Jamieson: enjoying the twilight arc, do you know if we're gonna get more explanations for Angel's behaviour in Joss' arc?
A: No spoil.

Q: @Da_Hammer: S. 35 question! Now that Spike is back, does this mean that Angel should ready for a beat down?
A: I'd buy that.

Q: @KaileeA42: Why is Spike dressed like Villain!Spike from Seasons 2-4 with shirt & rings? Maybe he's in a time machine!
A: Maybe.

Q: @muviefan02: Angel is ok w/ killing innocents in pursuit of ascension? Only to give up at the last sec?
A: See title. of last chapter.

Q: @lmblack21: My question is this:will we get any more lovely B/A moments?
A: Not my story to tell.

Q: @lmblack21:Have you and Joss talked about Bs relationship with Angel and Spike? Has he given you his insight?
A: He gave me all his insight.

Q: @MrBrooks007: QUESTION! Why didnt Angel lose his soul?!
A: Good question.

Q: @Zamol_xis: F%#& evolution - best line of your Twilight arc
A: Even better question.

Q: @Zamol_xis: Is Angel OK with smashing Faith's head?
A: He was surprised he hurt her.

Q: Was Angel's master-plan just to be able to push (and shag) Buffy to the Twilight realm?
A: Not shag. But to move to next level.

Q: @Zamol_xis: Is the whole Twilight arc "reality bends to Buffy's desires" ?
A: No - it really happened.

Q: @Zamol_xis: Did you gave Jeanty specific instructions how to draw Spike?
A: No.

Q: @Zamol_xis: @bradmeltzer The 1680' watchers went on mass suicide based on what symptoms and there are no records of those?
A: Giles knew.

Q: @SimonAndrs: What about the spicegirl's jump suit?
A: I dug the white suit more.

Q: Why the always come back to the slayers and vampires relationship?
A: Dur.

Q: @lmblack21: It seems like we're still missing vital information as regards Angel as Twilight. Can we expect in Joss' arc?
A: We'll see.

Q: @lmblack21: I love Buffy and Angel talk about how they missed each other, was there a reason there was no declarations of love?
A: Nope.

Q: @scittycat: Is it possible that Angel might be sticking around after this season of Buffy? It has been so great having him back.

Q: @scittycat:How much do you think it would cost us to hire DB and SMG for a photoshoot to advertise season 8?
A: More than you have.

Q: @scittycat: Is there any chance, in your opinion, that Joss might finally allow Buffy and Angel that future?
A: Always a chance.

Q: @scittycat: Are you pleased with the fan reaction to your arc? Surprised by some reactions? Warned in advance?
A: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Q: @Zamol_xis: in #35 Buffy and Angel argued showing they don't know each other anymore, so except the sex, where is the connection
A: Disagree.

Q: @Zamol_xis: where you surprised to find out that Buffy Angel reunion wasn't what people expected for ten years?
A: No.

Q: @SimonAndrs: Should we be scared for the life of any of our beloved characters?

Q: Does Satsu will remain relevant in the rest of the history?
A: I think so. For sure.

Q: @Sunfire2109: Any dialogue or plot point you are the most proud of?
A: However I answer this, that line turns to crap.

Q/A: RT @emanuelcr: Putz! O @bradmeltzer zoando um brasileiro! =P

Q: @dritter96: Um... no Buffy Q, but when will we see you back on a DC title?

Q: @fableboyblue: If you could do a one-shot of any character, who & why?
A: Batman/Daredevil. Cool.

Q: @spinallhead: Que beleza! @bradmeltzer floodando a timeline.
A: Si.

Q: @KeanCommaThe: was Angel deciding to leave with Buffy his way of reclaiming control Twilight had of him?
A: Tha tdecision had power.

Q: @rocknjosie: Did you or Georges choose what 80s Buffy wore?
A: I said 80s. He said clothes.

That's it. Done. Did em all. Thanks to all who asked. And sorry for the spam to everyone who follows. And thanks to all the Buffy readers who stayed and took a chance on me. Butterfly kisses to you all.

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I was Spike. RT @ErinRN: @bradmeltzer what character did you play on Buffy? I just don't remember who you are.

Oh. My. Gosh.

My husband had to ask me to 'please quit laughing'!

Now that was a fun read; thanks for posting!
It's complete? I thought he was answering questions through part of tomorrow.
He was taking questions from 12pm noon yesterday until 12pm noon today.
I loved it. He's very funny. And I seriously loved a lot of his answers. WOOT!
Ah, thanks. I thought he'd tweeted that today, but nope.
Can I see, twitter is the most horrile platform to do an interview? I didn't make i very far, does anyone have the gist of actual information in this? (Was there any?)
What exactly was the point of any of this again? Sorry, but he just came across as snide and disinterested me to me.

I hope part two comes across a wee bit better.
Yeah Changeling, he may have been better to do a formspring Q&A through twitter like the very funny and awesome Brian Lynch has. Its a hell of a lot easier to follow. Gotta say, I thought there'd be a lot more interesting questions answered/asked than there were, didnt seem to be anything revealed or hinted at that we didnt already know. Ah well. Appreciate his time anyway.
This just revealed to me the mass of ignorant people on Twitter (though having a Twitter itself reminds me of that every day).

"Will there really be a Buffy season 8?"
"Who did you play on Buffy?"

....Come on, now.
Yeah, Twitter's blocked at my work. Any kind-hearted soul want to copy/paste or distill some info for us? I'd greatly appreciate it.

As for ignorance, I imagine that the vast majority of people on Twitter are not in Buffy fandom. They may have watched the show and moved on, but they don't have any idea of what goes on behind the scenes--they may not even know Joss's name. I don't think that makes them ignorant, it just says they're not super-fans. Plus, it underlines why Twitter might not be the best...venue for this sort of thing. Only super-fans care about S8.

[ edited by Lirazel on 2010-05-07 16:55 ]
I don't have a Twitter and have NO idea how to navigate one. How do I find the answers to the questions? All I'm seeing on his page are the questions.
luv4whedon, basically the question and answer would all be in one post. For example, in the posting "Nope. RT @lmblack21: I love Buffy and Angel talk about how they missed each other, was there a reason there was no declarations of love?" the portion after "RT @lmblack21" is the question. RT stands for re-tweet, which indicates that he is re-posting somebody else's tweet. The "Nope." at the beginning of the post would then be the answer to the question "I love Buffy and Angel talk about how they missed each other, was there a reason there was no declarations of love?" I hope that sort of helps!

[ edited by Axed84 on 2010-05-07 18:27 ]

I thought there would be more questions. Kind of disappointing. All the usual shipy questions but I wanted to here more about the Spike/time travel theory and why Willow was happy to see him.
Yeah, both this and the recent Meltzer interview have been extremely underwhelming.
We should probably copy/paste these into the thread as using his Twitter feed as a link will stale really fast.

ETA: ...and done!

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2010-05-07 19:19 ]
Hey, my question about clothing was pure hard hitting journalism, it was :p
Lirazel, I wasn't trying to use "ignorant" as a demeaning term; rather, the fact is that most people on Twitter -- or most Buffy fans on Twitter -- are casual fans, and are therefore ignorant regarding this behind-the-scenes stuff. They're just unaware. I agree that Twitter really isn't the best place for an interview of all things.
My question might be for Georges, but "Do you know what a sari is?"

Just read it today. Little things annoy me. Big things annoy me too, but little ones really do.
@redeem147: You do realize that there are a myriad different types of saris, right? Just as there are hundreds of different Indian languages, there are tons of different ways to tie a sari. There are regional differences that can be used to identify the origin of the wearer. Point is, there isn't just one type, or way to wear a sari.

[ edited by wenxina on 2010-05-08 07:39 ]
Of course there are, wexina. But that was a choli and lehenga. A sari is a long strip of cloth worn in many, many ways.

And looking at what you said, you probably know that, and I'm sounding pedantic. I think I'm just tired of having people look at my salwar kameez and say, "Nice sari."

[ edited by redeem147 on 2010-05-08 15:10 ]
lol at the salwar kameez part. :)

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