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May 07 2010

The Next Ten TV Actors Who Should Become Movie Stars. Our captain is number one.

Also, my first post.

I just saw this article on IMDb and thought to myself, "It's gotta have Nathan Fillion on it." Scrolled down, and down, and down, thinking, "Oh, c'mon, if they don't put him on this list... " And then finally saw he was number one! Had to come and see if it was posted yet. Thanks for posting the article! :D They give good reasons I think!
And as an added bonus, John Barrowman at #3
Great to see Nathan at number 1. Would have loved to see Enver Gjokaj make the list, though! He's the first person I thought of when I saw the title of this post.
Very pretty list. I especially like the list because I know all but Edie Falco fairly well, by watching or have watched all their shows.
Hmm. I don't know. I think Nathan was made for TV. I'm not sure how well I'd like him in a movie. He plays characters really well and you want to get to know them. You don't really get to know characters in movies; just what you need to know because movies are really short and you can't spend two hours exposing the audience a character's backstory, mannerisms, pyschological complexities.... but you can in a TV show.
I've been saying that about Nathan for years. Wait... obviously.
You know, TV and Film are very different mediums. Some actors are meant to be on television, while others are meant to be in film. Why do people (mostly fans) want the crossover? I think actors should be where they are more in their element. TV is not, nor should it be considered, a stepping stone into the "better" film industry. It's an art in its own right and serialized television is much more entertaining than the latest blockbuster movie (IMO, of course).
But but but...if Nathan were a movie star, we'd only get to see him once or twice a year instead of every week.
Yes. I'm definitely a bigger fan of certain tv shows more than I am of most any movie.

But I do think, if that's what he wants to do with this life, that he'll be able to after Castle. I would just prefer him do something with Joss again, instead.
Good to see Jensen Ackles love. Haven't watched Supernatural, but he was a fun jerk on Dark Angel.
Well, Nathan has said in some interviews that he's "perfect famous" or something right? Famous enough to get good work, but not so much that papparazzi chase him. Plus, he still has time for fans, which is a selfish thing to occur to me, but I imagine others have thought about that at some point... Anyway, as a tribute to Nathan's talent, it's a nice article spot. :)
Yeah, Nathan needs to return to the big damned screen, in the next big damned Serenity movie! I want to see my big damned trilogy, gorramit!
What if he's happy on TV :p

I'm the opposite of whoever wrote the article. After seeing Amanda Seyfried on Veronica Mars and Big Love for years she's TV first. I'm happy she's making a big name for herself but its a shame she's scaling down her Big Love commitment next season.
I loooove Nathan and will watch anything he does. I would be so happy for him if he became a big movie star, but I will not complain about getting to see him do 22 episodes of tv a year. That is where I like him.

I read somewhere that he should have gotten the lead in The Rockford Files remake because that is the role he was born to play. I don't see how that's possible as he's already played the role he was born to play, which is obviously Mal. Nathan as Mal is my favorite casting choice ever. Ever. Utter brilliance.


I miss Firefly.

Enver was my first thought as well. He could play ANYONE! Of course, in my head some crazy-rich Dollhouse fan will make the Topher/Topher 2.0 Show, cause that's never getting old :)
I was very happy to see Elizabeth Moss on this list.

Nathan Fillion reminds me a little of Cary Grant; there are a lot of directions he can go with movie roles.

Enver isn't on the radar yet. I could see him in legitimate theater touring with one of those scripts where a single actor plays twenty different characters.
Movie star and great actor are not synonymous.
Watch "Waitress", if you haven't already.
Nathan kicks all kinds of ass. (Metaphorically speaking, as it isn't an action film.)
Great list; except for the few people I haven't seen in something, I'd say that everyone listed deserves to break into the big time (and it's not just fangirlyness that makes me have extra hope for John Barrowman and Jensen Ackles. Really). ;)
Good to see Jensen Ackles love. Haven't watched Supernatural, but he was a fun jerk on Dark Angel.

Supernatural is a show worth watching, and Jensen Ackles is very good in it. (Also, you get to see the occasional Whedon alum; 'Badger' was on again last night!)
Movie star and great actor are not synonymous.

Repeat movie stars (ie. not one-hit wonders) tend to be people who are really good at presenting something tangible to an audience (occasionally the ability to act out a particular role) over a relatively short time span; sounds like Nathan Fillion territory to me.
I *do* selfishly want to see Nathan Fillion once a week. But if he can become a B*D*star, more power to him. Also love Jensen Ackles and Supernatural. They had Mercedes McNab on in season three, as a vampire! Tee-Hee.
Couldn't agree more. Castle is the only procedural I watch & Nathan has really proven that he can do anything - from carry a weekly TV series to staring in movies as diverse as Serenity and Waitress, to the undefinable fine madness that is Dr. Horrible.

And yay John Barroman and Elizabeth Moss, excellent choices.
Edie Falco is overrated. Amy Acker easily bests her as an acting talent.

And yeah, Fillion is a movie star. Serenity proved that (I don't care if it was adapted from the TV show).
I don't get using Steve Carell and "Date Night" as the example to lead in to this piece. Did anyone see "The 40 Year Old Virgin" or "Evan Almighty"? The guy has done a few movies already.
Pretty decent list, well at least, Nate and Jensen made the list. l am disappointed that there weren't any African American or Hispanic actors mentioned on it.
Jensen Ackles <3 But I disagree with there comments, Jared Padalecki has just as much if not more potential to be big on the big screen!
Terrific list and I love seeing Josh Holloway, Jensen Ackles, John Borrowman and our very own whedonverse favorite Nathan Fillion at the top of the list -

Great also to see the SciFi and horror genre stars get this attention.

I very enjoyed Jensen Ackles in Dark Angel and Nathan Fillion and his interpretation of Caleb is probably my favorite of all the guest stars of all the Whedonverse projects.
If you havent checked out Nathen Fillion in SLITHER, you soooo gota. Its the funniest horror i've seen in ages.
Does Josh Holloway count as a wedonite, since hes the first vamp dusted in Episode one, season one of Angel?

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