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May 07 2010

AfterElton loves Jane Espenson. Jane gets some much-deserved praise for her portrayal of GLBT characters and her all-around loveliness.

Great list. I'm especially impressed with the major props to Nancy Pelosi. It's hard for me to grasp the fact that not only do conservatives bash her, but a lot of liberals hate on her too. I'm so proud of what she's accomplished with HCR.

And love the Jane E, Zoe, Mo'nique, Ellie, Constance, and Jane L ups too. Though why Rachel Maddow isn't on that list is beyond me. She rocks my every weeknight at six.
I'm happy to see Jane Espenson get this recognition! I've been a huge fan of hers for a long time (and I've gotten to meet her twice).

And I agree that Rachel Maddow belongs on this list!
For a straight woman, I spend an awful lot of time on AfterElton.

Glad to see Jane on the list. She's definitely on my famous people I would invite to a dinner party list.
Jane is awesome.
theclynn, straight guy here and ever since that Barrowman/NPH battle its also somehow become one of the sites in my rotation.

Awesome list as well.
I think they ended up rationlizing that Maddow has been a big deal for a couple of years now but these were all women who did something particularly tied to...whatever has happened this year so far, even though I was sort of under the impression some of this stuff was 2009.
I'll go with what orangewaxilion said. It makes sense.
Yay! Nice to see Jane Espenson getting some well-deserved praise. Loving her work on Caprica and Warehouse 13. And of course she is one of my favorite Buffy writers. Heck, I just love Jane period! So nice to see her getting some recognition. Go Jane! :)

Also, great to see Sofia Vergara, Jane Lynch, and Betty White make the list as well. Love these ladies. :)

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