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May 08 2010

(SPOILER) The revamped cover art for Buffy #36. Courtesy of Jo Chen.

Wow. A) That was quick. B) That was above and beyond a bit. I mean, yeah his eye colour is wrong, yeah it should have picked up on it, but that's a lot of effort for what in a sense is a bunch of fan pressure. Good work. Shame on us for complaining.
Much better. Now it's lovely. But I don't feel bad about complaining at all. Glad to be of service. I mean if you're going to put that much work and talent into creating a work of art, you'd want it to be right wouldn't you?

Pretty sure there will now be lots of us who will buy it just for the cover.

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That is a thing of beauty.
Yep, that's it. Jo Chen's work is absolutely incredible. We're so blessed with the talent. Thank you!
I love Jo Chen to death. Then she went and used the word 'miffed' and my love increased all the more. She's all sorts of good people.
Jo Chen, you are amazing.
I hope that everybody is happy or at least happier now.

Adoration is more fitting
I second that, Sparticus.

Jo Chen's responsiveness and accessibility are a true delight.

You are phenomenal, Jo - I've loved every cover and I treasure the Buffy #1 that you signed for me when you visited the Arlington (VA) Cinema Draft House - it is framed and on my wall right now.
Well now it's perfect. I love it.
Awesomeness! Thanks Jo! If you happen to read this, I love you art! In fact, I just did my latest artist presentation on you in my high school art class! =)
Spike is scarred and his eyes become tearfully blue. However incidental, it is a beautiful piece of art (and drama) that was "acted out" for us. Thanks!
*loves* So beautiful. I am never disappointed with Jo's covers!
Beautiful, accurate and all-together lovely.


but that's a lot of effort for what in a sense is a bunch of fan pressure

So folks commented on a fan site whilst critiquing art. The problem with that would be...?

Sure, I'm the one (along with a few others) that pointed out the eye color was wrong. Since when do artistic critiques equate to complaining? Was it accurate to say the eye color was wrong? Yes. So why is it somehow not okay to say this? I find the idea that fans need to censor honest and forthright criticism for the sake of common decency to be... well, more than a bit disturbing. How is it shameful to state something so simplistic and true?

To be clear, I'm not speaking to Ms. Chen. I'm discussing Whedonverse art on a Whedon fan blog with other fans. As the critique had nothing to do with personal asides, I'm finding myself miffed that fans need to say "shame on us" for being honest in a space created for the fans.

If honest criticism means I'm shameful, then shame me up, baby, 'cause I ain't stoppin'.

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That was... Sweet of her to do, actually. She could have let it slide, and ignored the fans. ^^ Love how the scar turned out too! <33
Nobody's miffed, just commenting on the great works of Jo Chen. Please don't read anything into it.
Oh wow, now that final touch is just the cherry on the cake as far as I'm concerned. Beautiful work as per.

'Old blue eye's' is finally back. *g*
I don't think anyone was implying that criticism should never be made, only that it was above and beyond for Ms. Chen to take the time to correct a mistake when a fan, not her boss, pointed out some discrepancies. As Fred_Sonja pointed out, it was actually overly nice of her to make it perfect for us instead of choosing to see it as so much work "not being good enough" and leaving it alone.

The point being, she didn't have to change it, but she did, because she wanted to make us happy more than she was attached to her original painting, and that gives us a happy. Right?

I kind of want to hug her.
This is an exquisite portrait of Spike - I LOVE this piece of art as I have loved all of her work - I have purchased several extras just so that I can keep the ones I especially loved clean -

Irrespective of how you feel about this season, Jo Chen's artwork has been a gift to all the Buffyverse fans.
"I don't think anyone was implying that criticism should never be made,"

Um, I think the "shame on us for complaining" in the first post kind of implies it. And like I stated before, I don't feel shame, I feel helpful. Although actually I can't take credit as I let others do the talking.
Wow, that's an amazingly nice thing to do! Thanks Jo! I highly appreciate that.

So, now how do I get that picture as a poster!
I love it! Thanks Jo!
And I still think it is sublime.
I thought it was beautiful before, but now its perfect :)
Um, I think the "shame on us for complaining" in the first post kind of implies it. And like I stated before, I don't feel shame, I feel helpful.

This. Thank you for expressing it, Xane.
Great that it's fixed. Sorry if you find us picky Jo, but that's only because it's hard to see a piece of beautiful art that's only *almost* perfect.
I can't really see the scar, but I am very impressed that she took the time and effort to change it. It's a beautiful cover.
Just gives me an excuse to look at it again. Oh, who am I kidding? It's my desktop background since the first one came out. Imma say it again: Gorgeous.
Simply beautiful, just like Spike.
"Simply beautiful, just like Spike."
luvspike | May 09, 17:05 CET

Amen to that sister!!!!!
Thank you Jo for this gorgeous portrait. Gotta get this issue for sure!!!!
Jo Chen does the best comic covers around. Period. And having met her at a recent con, I have to say she is super nice too. The Whedonverse is so lucky to have her.
Her covers are a thing of beauty; how I love them. I don't read the comics but I always have to look at her covers.
As a side note, I find it interesting that she hasn't watched the show. (Inferred from the fact that she had to refer to source material for Spike's eye color and that she didn't know about the scar.)
I've seen Buffy, yet I didn't know about Spike's eye color or scar.

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I thought it was fine the way it was.

Still a great painting though!
I'm still amazed by Jo's fantastic attitude. I mean seriously, could she be any nicer?

When I sent her an email a while back, I assumed it wouldn't get a response but she took the time to write me back and true to form, she was super nice.

In this age of immediacy and fan/creator interaction, I think it really helps to build one's fan base if you're nice. Sure being uber talented doesn't hurt but being a nice person helps, too.
I must not be truly Spuffy because I didn't know JM's eyes are blue. :{
I must not be truly Spuffy because I didn't know JM's eyes are blue. :{

Never heard of cerulean blue orbs ?
Ha! Anca, that made me laugh out loud! It seems that other people haven't read as much fic as you and I have!

My first thought on seeing this revamped (hee!) cover was, "There's my boy." Well done, Ms. Chen!
anca said:

Never heard of cerulean blue orbs?

Right?! HA!
Never heard of cerulean blue orbs

The occasional fanfic that catches my attention does so by adjective-avoid-yness, so I'd never get to the CBO part . . .

[ edited by bluegrrl on 2010-05-10 21:16 ]
A wise policy, bluegrrl, and one I've come to embrace. When I see something like that, I've started back-clicking.

Back to the cover, the look on his face is Mona Lisa-esque in its ambiguity. I can't figure out quite what it is that he's feeling (though I could name half a dozen guesses) and I can only speculate on why he's feeling that way. It's fantastic. But gah! I'm so nervous about what's gonna happen with him in Joss's arc....
Oh, I read about CBO in a parody fic, I don't know the correct term, a crack fic about or using over the top phrases/lines (it's what I love in Spike's fandom: passion and epic going hand in hand with humor and self-mockery).

As for Jo Chen's beautiful cover I bet she and JM will sign a lot on that.

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