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May 08 2010

Opening Ceremony Of Starfury: Echo-1. The opening ceremony of the world's first Dollhouse convention, featuring: Miracle Laurie, Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, and Tahmoh Penikett.

Whoo-hoo! I like the sound of that "world's first Dollhouse convention".
Darn it, I wish I'd been there! Hopefully I'll be seeing Tahmoh and Eliza next month though :)
I'm hoping to see Eliza and Tahmoh in Sydney next month, too. Felicia and Charisma being there as well makes it incredibly tempting. I just have to do the sums on a flight + accommodation! And Miracle is rumoured to be attending Armageddon in Melbourne in October - which is better for me, since I'm a Melbourne girl. :)
Oh, I know! :) The Whedonverse panel tickets are beyond tempting but I don't think I could justify the money for it, being a student and all. And I'm glad they're coming to Sydney since I would never be able to fly over and see them for the same reason.
That was quick. It was only on this weekend.
@ozjenny - Miracle has confirmed she will be out for Arma
I really want to see any Whedonverse actor/writer especially Eliza but convention never happen in my country and go to another country is very expensive. :( I felt really bad when Eliza didn't drop in Indonesia when she visited Thailand last December. It's very close you know. However, i hope that whoever that go have a nice time there.
It was great fun - cast were great, and fellow fans were well behaved and fun to be around. Will write something up for Dollverse.
This was possibly the best convention I have been to, but I may just be in post-con glow still. The guests were all awesome and friendly and maybe a little overwhelmed by the love. Fran, Enver and Miracle all hung out with us on the Saturday night until way into Sunday morning.

I'm already booked up for Echo 2 next year, for which Amy Acker has been announced. I'll probably do some blogs about the con during the week, but right now I'm pretty much still at Tahmoh SQUEE after my photo shoot with him.
Wow Sean Harry was quick with that. He did a summary clip too which is just so funny, with Fran and Enver.

It was a great event, I had a blast and will no doubt be booking Echo-2 shortly. I'll also post my photos and brief report as soon as I get around to sorting everything out.
Awwwwww - it's still lovely Cider :D

The guests were brilliant and I will totally be coming to Echo 2! You should all come with me, yes, the whole of Whedonesque.
The guests were brilliant and I will totally be coming to Echo 2! You should all come with me, yes, the whole of Whedonesque.

It's very kind of you to offer to treat me to the trip like that.
I know Bix, I should have done it before now really ;)
Man, wish I could've gone. And next years is very tempting, would love to meet Amy. But i've already booked Hallowhedon for Oct this year and cons are hard to afford as a student :/

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