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November 21 2003

Which fans do you think take their fandom too far in their daily lives? Internet Movie Database poll about obsessive fans, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans are included.

So far, we're losing bigtime. Erm......yay?
We don't take it too far. We're just right.
How would you take fandom too seriously in your daily life? Dress like Giles? Incessantly natter about one particular scene in season 2 that foreshadowed an event in season 7 to your less than thrilled co-workers?
Blather to innocent strangers about your Spike/Wesley fanfic? :}
Fandom is always taken too far. That's the point. Otherwise you're just someone-who-quite-likes-something.

A friend of mine - RIP - once met a guy who said he was 'a huge Bon Jovi fan'. So my friend asked him about the albums and he didn't have all of them. Then he asked about live gigs and the guy said: "Live gigs? No, that would be taking it too far."
Well, to be fair - Star Trek has been around a long time to amass lot of fans who may take it too far and they have a lot more gimmicky stuff to get carried away with but I could picture some Buffy conventions 20 years down the road where everyone is dressed up as monsters from Buffy and playing kitten poker!! But who says it's taking it too far if everyone's just having fun and enjoying the fact that a lot of people enjoy it too. I know I'm obsessed with Whedonville but I have fun with it and so do my friends!
Hehe, dress like Giles. I actually have a pair of tweed pants, when I got them they were immediately dubbed my Giles pants.
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on Conan O'Brian did a great job of goofing on hardcore Star Wars fans who were waiting in line for Episode I, while skewering Star Trek fans and Lord of the Rings fans at the same time. Really worth going out of your way to watch.
I have a small collection of books. Does that make me a Giles? :)
About as much as my large collection of fuzzy sweaters and hats makes me Willow :)
I am definitely so stuffy-gimme-a-scone.
For a long time whenever yammering on about how Buffy is art of a high order I used to feel compelled to raise my hands and say, "Hear me out...I know I'm going to sound like a crazy person, but hear me out..."

I don't even do that anymore, I just cut right to the chase. Is that too far?

I do have a pair of reading glasses that my wife calls my Giles glasses. And even in my quasi-punk days I had tweed sport coats...hmmm....

I have several copies each of all the extant Buffy and Angel DVD sets so I can work on conversions...does that make me a Buffyvangelist?

And I have the Angelmobile, Spike's DeSoto, Xander's Chevy and Giles's my office...and I tell people what they are when they ask...
Lizard, normal car models painted to be Buffyverse cars? If not, where'd you get 'em?
Personally I've always wanted Oz's van. Both of them. And not just model-sized. :-D

I can't really say that I dress as one of the characters, but I often find myself saying things like "Why do all my shirts have such stupid things on them?"
Got them on eBay, Greyflowers...I believe the maker is Johnny Lightning or something like that. Oz's van...yeah, need that, too!

We had an inane "morale boost" event at work the other day (I work at a public affairs agency)...everybody was supposed to wear a sweatshirt or t-shirt sporting their favorite team's logo...I wore my Sunnydale HS sweatshirt...yeah, too far indeed!

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