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May 09 2010

(SPOILER) Has Morena Baccarin's "V" been renewed? TV Guide talked with executive producer Scott Rosenbaum this week and it seems like there is good news over in V-town.

That seems to be quite thee stretch. We'll know for sure in couple weeks.
So assuming this is true, is Flashforward done?
A lot of critics have been stating that if V is renewed, FlashForward is definitely toast. Just judging from the numbers and budgets, I would say V won the battle.
I've only seen the first three episodes and then tptb stopped me watching, because I would have continued - just for the sake of it - but after reading all these mixed reviews for months before watching (watched SyFy UK) and people saying how fast-paced it was, even in a negative terms and every other criticism under the sun was being chucked at it but I have to say - I was still fairly excited. Even the originally critically disappointing SGU was never the one thing I found V to be - boring! There's not many shows that make me feel bored, but the last thing I expected from a show about an alien invasion was to be bored. My main motivation to continue is that it might be a different show after the first four.

Anywayz, I've always felt that ABC would be kinder to V as its never had a a "proper" run. And I guess they want some sort of new show to continue to the fall.
The main reason why I come back every week is my love for Morena and Elizabeth. It isn't BAD, but the writing is so generic. The V-stuff is interesting enough, and Morena is perfect in the role, but the human characters seem more alien than the Vs. They just talk and act like robots, I don't care about any of them.
I stopped watching two episodes ago. I can't fathom the minds of some television creators, it's 2010 and they can still get every little thing wrong.
Yeah, if it is between V and Flash Forward, I am definitely going with "meh"...
There is no pick-up for V, as of yet, and the article seems do indicate more that he's got good feedback from ABC about the show and is being very positive. All broadcast shows have their next season basically mapped out already so the network can use that as an indicator, especially for shows on the bubble. Part of me hopes it gets picked up for the cast and crew's sake, but really, I found the show to be kind of blah and stopped watching a after a few episodes.
It's just the writing is so manequin and predictable. Wish they would throw some intriguious plot in there somewhere.
Interesting. I hope it's renewed, too. I found that it started off really slow (not counting the pilot), but it's gotten much more intense lately.

Compared with FlashForward, V is the obvious choice. FF has zero content in the middle of its episode, then adds a 30 second "shocker" at the end of the episode in order to get people to watch next week. Then next week they treat the "shocker" like it's not such a big deal. It's all very annoying and boring.
Can't say I care for "V" much. I've watched a few episodes, but there just doesn't seem to be much there. The characters, the story and the plot just didn't pull me in.

Sorry Morena, but your current gig is not very entertaining for me, and I'm pretty picky these days about what I watch. Joss spoilt me, I guess.

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I'm supporting this show. I enjoy it much more than Dollhouse.
"I'm supporting this show. I enjoy it much more than Dollhouse."

This statement requires a three paragraph (at least) explanation.
Both shows are watchable, but you get the feeling a whole lot more could be done with their premises. I probably like FlashForward just a little bit more than V, but I think they both have the makings of something special if focused a little more and fine tuned.
To me, there was just a formatting problem that it seems the producers never noticed or didn't care about with V. If I know what Anna is thinking all the time, I know what the bad guys are doing. If I know what the bad guys are doing AND I know what the good guys are doing, there's no suspense. If there's no suspense, how can it be a thriller? If it's not a thriller, what is it supposed to be?

I hate to say this (because I like Morena), but she's on camera too much and so are the V's. The drama should be what's going on on Earth. The sense of wonder from the pilot was excellent, but it was gone far too quickly.

V is simply white shirts vs. black hats. If I'm going to do that, I'll watch SG1. It's more fun.
Neither show is watchable. Made me so sad to have to stop watching so many genre shows this year. SGU, V, and FlashForward are all good premises ruined by lack of vision and bad writing. So sad.
V and Flash Forward make one appreciate Fringe, which isn't always on form, but IS always intelligent and character driven, and had respect for its audience.
I haven't watched FlashForward, so I can't make a comparison between the two. But I certainly had higher hopes for V. I keep turning it on and then mentally dropping out a few minutes into the episode. That leads to doing other things around the house or catching up on email. The time can be better spent, in other words. I certainly agree with others that the writing is, at best, mediocre. Some of the acting is good, while some is . . . not so much. And I think I agree with azzers that perhaps we're getting too much of Morena's character. Yes, she's supposed to be emotionless, which clearly limits what Morena can do expressively, but the writers have also made her one-dimensional--always calculating, but, to the audience, always transparent, despite her cold, mask-like countenance. She has become a boring villain, and that doesn't make for a good formula for a series.
V, FlashForward and Stargate Universe are my three shows that I class as "Shows that I am still watching though I have no idea why".
DH > FF >> V

I agree that V is shockingly boring and I have no idea why I still watch it. Maybe I should stop.

FlashForward however I find pretty awesome! I don't know what people dislike about it. Not every episode is a 100% but it has kept the mystery and the tension for me and unlike Fringe and Lost they actually know where they want to go!
I think V has gotten much better since the break so do hope it does get renewed. Flash Forward on the other hand!!!...I still watch it but for the life of me I do not know why! :D
The writing is just so, so weak and don't even get me started on the characters. Don't get me wrong, I do want to see where this show goes, but my god, half of the characters are so irritating (Val, father what's his name), and the idea that there is no surveillance on the ship other than the one camera on Lisa is ridiculous not to mention the flub with the FBI evidence database which allows anybody who is logged in to tamper with evidence at will--and that was just in the last episode.

In any case, from what I can tell the show isn't doing that badly compared to other shows on the network, but it's hard for me to believe that it's in any sort of safety zone right now.
I don't mind SGU at all, though it's going a bit problem of the weeky. Caprica needs a boost after the break or it's gone too. Science fiction telly is doing a lot worse than it looks, and I worry that when this batch is cancelled we won't have any more for a long while.
I kind of hope it gets renewed and don't think it's all that bad at all. I'm not as thrilled as I've been about other shows, but I still enjoy watching.
FlashForward at least has its occasional good moments; V is painfully dull. That said, I won't be upset if either of them ends for good this season. (I'll be quite upset if Human Target isn't renewed, though, and would've been upset if Fringe hadn't been.)
Fringe, yeah, some tepid drawn out plots and incredible daftness and then they have stuff like the white flower drawing and I cry.
I'd much rather have Flashforward than V. V has turned out to be tedious and boring. Flashforward has had its own problems, but it has managed to keep some momentum. V never had any to begin with. Sad, really, because it could have been great.

SGU, on the other hand, I've always loved. I understand it's not for everyone, but I've been really enjoying it.

Fringe, though, I keep having problems with. The writing swings back and forth from great to horrible, depending on the episode. It's had its wonderful moments, but they are few and far between. But these are all second tier shows for me (save for SGU, which I'm learning to love). They could disappear and I wouldn't really miss them.

SGU's been picked up for a second season, and Fringe for a third from what I've heard. I'd like a second season of Flashforward, but am resigned to seeing it go. V should never have come back from its hiatus.
If I have to make a choice between V and FlashForward, I'll take Human Target.
The only thing keeping me watching the show is Morena and Elizabeth Mitchell. But I guess that's why they cast them as the two female leads! Smart.
Simon said:

V, FlashForward and Stargate Universe are my three shows that I class as "Shows that I am still watching though I have no idea why".

Agreed. I'm unsure with Caprica, as well. My TiVo would love it if I stopped watching all of them.
I'd agree that V is mediocre and the main thing causing me to continue to watch it is a few of the actors involved. I don't dislike it, I just don't particularly like it either.

FlashForward, while more interesting on paper, drives me crazy as I've come to quite hate many of the main characters (in a way that I've almost never done with any other show before) and actively root for them to be killed off or written out of the show. Olivia Benford, both of the Simcoe's and Janis Hawk are the worst of a bad bunch of characters for me. Making the show so character-focused might have worked under different writers (or actors?), but not with the current group.
Actually, I find Caprica far more suspect than SGU at this point. By mid-season, SGU had at least one episode that had been outright excellent which was "Time." In Caprica, I have not found an equivelent episode that made me just sit up and take notice.

To me, SGU is finding it's footing but it's going to take some time to burn off a lot of the ill will that it built up early in its run. And they're certainly not great yet either. To me, it's mid-Dollhouse. Good, occasionally great, and still prone to major missteps. I think the last episode was evidence of that.

But Caprica is one of those shows that just doesn't seem to be able to grab me. Bits of it intrigue me, but I can't think of a charecter that I actually care about at this point. And that's worrisome since they don't have the Dollhouse fallback of , "the one you're supposed to care about forgets every week."

That said, I'm still giving it a chance. And in the cases of SGU and Dollhouse, persistence has paid off. Your milage may vary.

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I'm with Simon, at least on Flash Forward and V -- no idea why I still spend my time with them. Years ago I filled out an Arbitron diary and in the remarks I put "I always thought I could watch Patrick McGoohan in anything, but he has proven me wrong this season." Subsitute "Morena" regretfully, and it's about the same. Dangnabbit!
You know, we are the dangest audience to please.

Back to subject, I do wish Morena well.
"Time", was that the hard science fiction episode that reminded me a lot of TNG's "Cause and Effect"? Because I really liked that one. They should just rip off Star Trek but with modern effects and angrier characters. Nothing wrong with that.
If it's between V and Flash Forward, I'd definitely choose FF. I think even Fringe is better than V, and that's damning with faint praise.
V is totally generic IMO, while FF is far more engaging, has a more interesting look and feel and far superior acting.

So FF will probably get canceled and V will go on forever.
As for me My favorite sci-fi right now is Fringe, granted it is uneven, but when they get it right...they get it really right. I despise FF, which I am made to watch by my significant other. I seriously could not care less what happens to any character on that show...and for me anyways, it is much more boring than V.

I like V, I actually have liked it MUCH more since the break. I agree with someone above that said that Anna gets too much screen time and is one-dimensional, but for me the tension is starting to build. I like the development of Scott Wolf's character, and the way that the audience is unsure of who he is going to align with and for what reasons. So I am hoping for V to comeback next season.
V, SGU and Caprica all have grown on me since their earlier episodes and have gotten better each week imo. I really thought SGU was a snooze fest the first half of the season but since it's come back from it's break I've enjoyed each episode.

Morena makes V interesting to watch and I did not see that coming with the ending of that last episode. She's very chilling in this role. I do think the priest and the son character are very boring though.

Caprica started off really slowly for me but I do like all the main characters and felt the last handful of episodes had gotten much better.

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