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May 10 2010

Starfury's Echo One Video. Clips from last weekend's Dollhouse convention, uploaded by Sean Harry.

So wish I had been able to go!

We saw this at the closing ceremony - Fran and Enver are just so funny. Can't wait for the gag reel on the DVD I reckon it'll all be Fran :)
As much as I wish I could go, I'm glad I didn't go by myself which I was thisclose to doing. I imagine a lot of people did go by themselves, but... I can't imagine myself doing it. My heart is still heavily filled with regret though.

And lol at the guy in the Dexter t-shirt getting a photo! And properly lol at Fran and Enver.
It was excellent times! :D

I was so hoping this would wind up on YouTube. Ohh Fran and Enver. XD
Really, you never need to worry about going to these things alone, you won't be alone for very long. It's so easy to make friends. Hope you make it another time.
Is it just me, or does Fran seem high as a kite in the interview segment with Enver? I guess that's one way to enjoy a convention.

Also, when they were posing for pictures with fans in chairs and stuff I would have worn a monacle and encouraged the actors to put on their best "very serious business" face, possibly with everyone's arms crossed. It would be the best photo ever.
does Fran seem high as a kite in the interview segment with Enver?

Fran was fine - he was initially extremely nervous as it was his first convention but I think his normal state is to be full of nervous energy, and cracks up a lot.

And there are many fans who request specific poses from the guests in the photoshoots - and usually they are happy to oblige!
Oh, Fran and Enver, my heroes. Those two are just so hilarious together. Now I really wish I'd gone even if I'd been unable to - it looks and sounds like everyone had so much fun. And I could swear someone uncannily resembled Jonathan Woodward in the clip..
@cardea Yes, that's him. Jonathan was announced as a entrant during the Fancy dress competition supposedly in the guise of a 'bottle of whisky' which apparently he drank as he couldn't wait- which was an excellent surprise on Saturday night.

Sean has already announced Amy Acker at Echo-2 and has promised to bring back all these guests and hopefully the remaining cast members, which will be fantastic.
Well, he promised to try and bring all the guests back, if he got enough sales to do that and bring some new guests over. Don't wanna go getting everyone's hopes up in case it doesn't happen. :) But I'm sure they will be back at some point.

Jonathan is always a treat. Just a shame he couldn't stay for Sunday morning communion. Maybe next time, huh?

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