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May 10 2010

Maxim Hot 100 2010. Eliza Dushku is the only Whedonverse lady to crack the list this year, coming in at #26.

Really? Cause those above her are just not! Although Milla needs to be higher too...
After Dollhouse, Eliza Dushku should be at least a dozen of top 100.
I'm still confused about #94...Kelly Ripa! Really! WTF!

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yeaaaaaaaah, i think i'm going to give this list a big ol' wtf myself. katy perry is cute but she's crazy. but then again, this is maxim we're talking about.
Katy Perry is sort of like a more trampy Zooey Deschanel so I can sort of see why there would be appeal. (I say that with no judgment intended.) Actually I'm surprised/pleased by ZD making the list too! They do have a surprising number of female figures who are actually known for more than just good looks. (Or they're more recognized for their talent than their looks in some cases.)

That said, go Dushku considering how few people actually watched Dollhouse and I don't get the impression that too many people loved Wet. I'm a bit surprised Morena Baccarin didn't get on the list since V was way more high profile than Dollhouse, same with Christina Hendricks and Mad Men.

And I skimmed there were a couple of actual Whedon adjunct folk: Navi Rawat was actually on Angel once as the crazy Slayer.
Dania Ramirez was also a Slayerette.
Naya Rivera I'm pretty sure is Santana from Glee who was at least directed by Whedon.
And if we're really stretching it, Kristen Bell acted against Joss in his cameo on Veronica Mars...
And I have no idea what Natalie Morales has done of note this year beyond Middleman getting canceled last year but I think she's a big Buffy fan?

...There any others?
Great catch on Navi Rawat! I didn't even realize Dana was the Num3ers girl.
No Morena Baccarin or Christina Hendricks? This was a "hot" list, wasn't it?
The lack of Christina Hendricks makes list invalid.
Funny how Christina can top Esquire's 100 and not even be on Maxim's. Just more proof that these things are completely worthless.
Also, am I the only person who thinks Katy Perry often looks somewhat creepy?
I'm actually quite happy to see Katy Perry in the number one spot. I love her.
Shocked that Christina Hendricks is not here, and I was gonna mention Navi being the crazy slayer on Angel but I was roundly beaten to the punch!
I have no idea who Brooklyn Decker is, but the fact that there's four people ahead of Megan Fox shows that this list is useless.
I find this entire concept of ranking women by hotness -- and indeed, the existence of Maxim itself -- to be deeply sexist and degrading.

Plus, Christina totally should have won.
Katy Perry is definitely not creepy and would for sure be in my top ten (though, of course, her prettier/more talented doppleganger Zooey beats her), but I'm confused as to why Christina Hendricks isn't on this. No idea who Brooklyn Decker is... or a lot of the Top 10 are, for that matter.

Also, Rihanna? ...Really?

These kind of lists are merely just popularity contests based on the last year so theres really NO excuse however you look at it to justify Christina Hendricks' exclusion from AT LEAST the top 3 spots.
Kattie Perry on top is fine by me. I honestly don't understand the upheaval about Christina Hendricks being missing from this list. She's not that hot; she only has one thing going for her... well, maybe two.
Add me to the list of those perplexed by Christina Hendricks' absence. She's stunning, and Mad Men is a huge success, for which she has gotten a lot of attention (much of which seems to focus on her non-conventional beauty). I never really agree with the choices on these lists, but Christina seems like an obvious shoe-in for this kind of thing...

Although, they also tend to pick women who have done covers for them over the course of the year, and Christina hasn't (and dare I say, probably wouldn't) done that. Perhaps it's a bit of a political thing. I am happy to see the BSG ladies up there though, even if it is probably due to their cover from a few months back (I mean, why else would you have Tricia Helfer up there and not Katee Sackhoff?).

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Shame, shame, shame!

(Psss! Does it count if I peeked between my fingers...just a little?)
Allycat, considering the demographic I assume Maxim to target then those two things are presumably enough. (Plus despite not being particularly part of their straight male demo, she's also a redhead which I think is a plus.)

I honestly had no clue who about half the women on the list were though, and a lot of the names I did somehow recognize (Whedon bit roles in particular) I really have no idea what most of them did of note in whatever has passed of 2010. And I can't imagine they'd have featured that many of them in the magazine recently.
... but the fact that there's ONLY four people ahead of Megan Fox shows that this list is useless.

There you go NimNams, I fixed your comment for you ;).

And no Christina Hendricks/Summer Glau means the list is broken.

(Natalie Morales has a role on "White Collar" as one of the FBI team. Not much of a part on a fairly so-so show IMO - certainly no Dub-Dub that's fer sure - but at least she's working)
Why the hell is Alison Brie so high? Annie and Trudy are hot stuff. So many things wrong with this list. I know its subjective but Stephanie Pratt? Why the freak is she on the list? iJustine? We need a bar for what a celebrity is.

This was complied by like... one or two people. Not enough mass appeal.
Eliza, Katy, Kaley and Megan <3
I have to say that I laughed out loud after I read manenoughtoadmitit's post- good one!

I am partial to big sis Emily Deschanel rather than Zooey, since Emily simply seems classically gorgeous and she can act up a storm and plays well against David Boreanzaz. But oh that Michaela Conlin! :-) Not on the list, though...
There you go NimNams, I fixed your comment for you ;).

There is no end to your selfless giving :).
I'm officially old now that I have to admit that I've never even heard of Katy Perry.
For quite a long time I thought Katie Perry and Katie Price were the same person. They're not though as it turns out, they're just both called Katie.

There is no end to your selfless giving :).

I know right ? Sometimes I worry I may actually be too generous. If my cup ranneth over any more we'd all have to tread water.
If my cup ranneth over any more we'd all have to tread water.

*pats the metaphor on the head* There, there, it will all be over soon, you poor tortured thing.
I quit caring about magazine lists much because nobody I like is ever in them anyway. Or very rarely. And I don't really think Maxim is something to be giving attention to anyway. It's just pornography. I wish we could have celebs who are more interested in actual acting and a good image rather than taking off their clothes.
I guess we get the kind of celebrities we deserve. After all, if no-one bought magazines like Maxim (or 'Heat' or 'Us' etc) then no-one would appear in their lists. It's not really as simple as they do it because they're shallow and vacuous IMO, takes two to tango that tangled web.

*pats the metaphor on the head* There, there, it will all be over soon, you poor tortured thing.

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I dont know who over half of these people are. Like entirely, never even heard of their names before. . And I've always assumed that I was fairly up to date on the pop culture stuff.
As an FYI: Eliza was at #6 last year, while Katy Perry was #15. Obviously they haven't changed appearance since then, so it's purely arbitrary.
The fact that Christina Hendricks wasn't on the list is appalling. That woman IS sex appeal.

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