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May 11 2010

Snafu comics' Avengers teaser. Spoilers if you haven't seen the very end of Iron Man 2.

I tweaked your entry slightly as some people might not be aware that it alludes to the end of Iron Man 2 (and might not want to spoiled for that)
I haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet so I don't get it. Care to enlighten me?
Eddy, check your email
That was funny :)
That's awesome.
Oh, that is quite funny. I almost wish it were true...
haha loved it
The first one of those that made me laugh out loud, especially 'cuz it was completely unexpected.

Very nice.
Heh, that was great! (Now if only it were true ;)).

I do wonder how many people stay 'till after the credits, though. When I saw Iron Man 2 at the theatre with a friend, we were the only two to see that extra bit at the end. Still wondering what a Thor movie will look like, though. It'll be pretty hard to ground the norse God in the more down-to-earth Marvel movie-verse, I'd say. Looking forward to it though :).

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