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May 11 2010

Nicholas Brendon checks into rehab. Following his March arrest, the actor seeks treatment for alcohol abuse.

I hope it helps him.

And I hope I'm not weird for getting Xander-related plot bunnies attacking me now.
I hope it works out well for him. I'm glad that this is something he realized for himself, rather than something he was forced into by the courts. I've heard that it makes his recovery more likely.
Guess it's up to the mods if this stays, bit borderline IMO.

Best of luck to him though. He's got on the wagon once, that should help when he comes to do it again.
Best of luck to Nicky. I wish him all the best and really hope it works out for him. :)
Guess it's up to the mods if this stays, bit borderline IMO.

I was going by what's been allowed historically.
He was really open about this whole ordeal at the Meet & Greet in Columbus, I have all Faith that he will get better. He was really excited about making the changes he needed to to do this for himself. He knows he is loved :)
Before this thread vanishes: Best wishes for him!
Meh. Yeah, borderline IMHO-- the David Boreanaz story from last week was deleted, for example.

Anyway, I hope it helps Mr. Brendan. Alcoholism runs very deep within my family, so much so that it's accepted that the men will be alcoholics and it's not talked about. It's been that way for generations, probably since alcohol was invented. It's not just a disease of addiction, as in certain ethnic groups are prone to it-- it's also cultural, and that is, I think, hard for people without the disease to understand. I hope the best for him . Few people ever truly beat it.
Again, if it was allowed six years ago, I see no reason why it should not be allowed now.
Us mods spend plentytime debating whether posts stay or go, so no need to go through it on the site, thanks.
Good luck, Nick. I like hearing he was open about it at his Meet & Greet a few weeks ago, just reinforces what kind of person he is and again, Good luck to him.
Poor guy. Hope this works out for him.
Hey, it often takes more than one trip in rehab. Best of luck to him.
Us mods spend plentytime debating whether posts stay or go...

Now i'm picturing fine brandy, secret handshakes, top hats and wood panelling. If it's between that and IM/email then i'm sticking with Victorian super-hero teams ;).

Few people ever truly beat it.

No-one ever beats it in the sense of waking up and no longer being an alcoholic dispatch, agreed, but with work, luck and fortitude you can become an alcoholic that doesn't drink. Nick Brendon seems to be doing exactly the right thing as I see it which is to say, accepting that relapsing once doesn't mean it's hopeless.
This makes me sad and hopeful.
Ahh...the ever reliable ' A. Source'
I hope that Nick knows that he has the love and support of his fans behind him. I saw him on stage right before his arrest and his acting was wonderful, and I had heard that the appearance in Columbus was really fun and successful.
Now i'm picturing fine brandy, secret handshakes, top hats and wood panelling. If it's between that and IM/email then i'm sticking with Victorian super-hero teams ;).

Right on both counts -- it's steam-powered email! ;)
I just love that he volunteered to the check-in. Now that he really wants to get healthy, I hope he can. Xander is the best!
A neighbor who immediately says "Go away" to a simple knock on the door? Instead of just ignoring it? Nice-looking neighborhoods often aren't nice.
I saw Nick perform on stage a couple months before and he comes across as a genuinely good guy. I hope this helps him.
I hope everything ends up okay for him. I'm sure it will. =)
Echoing what sasburgerr has already said, Nick was very comfortable sharing about the situation when speaking with fans in Columbus. Everyone was big with the hugs and showing support for him in what can only be a difficult transition. Hoping all the best for our Xander-shaped friend.
You can beat this, Nick! Keep a positive attitude and your eyes to the future.
Right on both counts -- it's steam-powered email! ;)

What, you mean via a series of tubes ? ;)
All the best to Nick. Hope everything works out.
Rehab is for quitters.
Poor Nicky.

I wonder if the alcoholism stemmed from the stress of working on the show, or if it was a pre-existing condition that he had under control at the time? (i.e. He drank, but not to excess.)

Either way, it's very brave of him to admit he had a problem and to seek help for it. I wish him all the best, and hope he knows his fans are pulling for him. Animus.
Twitter told me this happened a few weeks ago and he is already out of rehab. So hopefully he is doing better now.
All the best, man!
Wish him well!
Best of luck, Nick. Namaste.
I'm fairly certain this is old news. I was in the private meet & greet in Columbus on May 1st. During the M & G, Nicky said he had just got out of rehab about 2 weeks prior. Nicky said a lot of personal things, including this, and was very clear that he only spoke of any of this bc there was no cameras/media recording it. There were only about 20 fans there. Everyone obviously understood and agreed to respect his privacy by keeping the conversation in the room.... Nicky said he hadn't spoke of any of this prior to the M & G.
So it's really nice to know that a "true fan" in the M & G decided to share it with everyone. I've seen many comments on Twitter about different things he told us in convidence. Including the comment or tweet saying, " I just did Nicholas Brendon wrong!", after a tweet about things he said at the M & G.
I'm just a little upset that someone, or many someone's, would betray someone whom they admire that told them something in convidence!
This comment probably doesn't make sense due to my mind racing with everything I want to say. I wouldn't even be leaving this comment but the news is out there and I wanted people to know the truth. It just sucks that he is back in the spotlight of Hollywood gossip. Also, I believe there is a link on the (I think that's the site?) site, where the story originated, where anyone can leave new celeb gossip they know of.

Would you keep something to yourself if a Whedonverse actor told you something in confidence?
BTW, Nicky was the nicest guy! He made everyone feel so comfortable. He wanted to answer everyone's questions no matter if they had 50 of em'. He wanted to give everyone a hug and was very thankful that we came. It was truly an awesome experience and a dream come true for me & everyone who was there!

There is a video interview with NB talking about the incident and his rehab on, so I don't think anyone 'broke confidences'.
strength, courage, and abundant love
Hope Nick is doing better. I also hope he was able to find his doggy.

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