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"Sometimes you just wanna duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month."
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May 11 2010

Felicia Day answers questions from reddit. 30 minutes of Felicia-goodness.

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I love her laugh at 20:20!
I haven't finished the video yet, but I laughed so hard I cried at the second question about turtle. Oh my goddess, that was the best question ever! And her reaction/response was amazing, too.
Blinks. Blinks again. Cackles maniacally. Dayus ex machina.

Sometimes I just love this "reality".
Apparently that turtle question is a reference to Blade Runner where they can tell if someone is a replicant based on how much empathy they show to the question (Voight-Kampff test). So she is not a replicant... probably.
I loved the Blade Runner question too. Made me laugh probably more than it should've. :D
What sets Felicia apart, for me, is her sense of genuineness. What you see is what you get. The thirty minutes of the Reddit video just flew by for me.

At least as far as her conventional acting gigs, it's our loss that for the most part directors/producers in Hollywood have failed to really capitalize on that quality in the parts she's been given. Let's hope they wise up soon!
I think Felicia is one of the loveliest and un-fakest persons ever. So that Blade Runner question was kind of unnecessary. But I loved it. :D
Of course she can't find the ninja! (shamelessly stolen from a youtube-commenter).

Also, lovely clip. Felicia is awesome.

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I agree, Felicia is genuine. She seems like someone you could just sit down with and have a comfortable conversation and not think, "Oh, this is the great Felicia", but instead, "here's an interesting, intelligent person". A lot of actors come off as very distant, but she doesn't.

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Wonderfull q&a, amazed she's still shy though. Great inside of the geek within bursting out. Her talking about her WoW/game addiction, super. Wouldn't mind a DVD to show at schools.

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