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May 11 2010

A scene from 'TiMER' featuring Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha. SciFi Wire has a clip of the Buffy alumni in Emma's new movie.

Anya and Halfrek together again <3
Isn't it great? I love it when stuff like that happens.
I got a chance to see TiMER Monday night in Tribeca, and I highly recommend it!!

It's getting a limited theatrical release, but is already available On Demand PPV, through the Tribeca Film Festival channel.

I knew Emma was in it, but I nearly squealed when I saw our girl Halfreck!
Wouldn't that more precisely be "Buffy alumnae"? ;-)
'TiMER' is a really great film. I watched it On Demand really late one Saturday night with the husband, and he enjoyed it too. We even discussed it at some length once it ended.

And it was really cool to see Anyanka and Halfrek together again!

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