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May 12 2010

No Ordinary Family, a pilot starring Julie Benz, is going to series at ABC. Show is a drama about a family of superheroes and stars Michael Chiklis (The Shield).

I would watch this for Julie alone, but now that I know it was created by Greg Berlanti - the genius behind Eli Stone - I am very excited!
I've never seen Eli Stone, but I'll be watching because he's the genius behind Everwood and Jack&Bobby. ;)
No Ordinary Family, a TV pilot whose cast includes Julie Benz, is going to series at ABC.

Is it just me or is this phrased a bit odd? "Is going to series"?
It's a common phrasing.
This might be a little much. As soon as drama is worked into the series I think it will get incredibly awkward.
Amazing news. ;D Now Summer's The Cape needs to follow.
Eli Stone was a very endearing show. Warm characters. Solid premise. Here's hoping this follows its lead.
Kay Panabaker is also involved! She was The Girl in the White Room.

Also excited that Autumn Reeser is involved!
Michael was The Commish long before he was behind The Shield, or got to clobbering as the Blue-eyed Ever-lovin' Thing.

I haven't seen previews for this yet. I've seen some for "The Gates," which seems to be about a vampire community. Or maybe I'm just seeing vampires everywhere. I mean...umm...I might be seeing an implication of vampires where none was intended. Just because it looked like the guy bit her neck & the announcer made some lame "bite" joke doesn't mean they're vampires.
Saw the first season of Everwood and enjoyed it greatly (yes, really. It features probably some of the best/most authentic-feeling portrayal of how a family deals with the loss of a loved one outside of Six Feet Under and was possibly the best thing The WB did aside from Buffy, Angel, and IMO and to a lesser degree of awesomeness, most of Felicity). Watched the pilot of Jack & Bobby and couldn't get a feel for it (though Christine Lahti is great), figured maybe I had to be American and have the whole love-affair-with-your-president feel of glowyness inside to really get part of the appeal (that's not a dig, just an observation/commonly held belief. Canadians aren't nearly as obsessed/interested in their Prime Minister, on average, by comparison). Have meant to get around to watching Eli Stone, Kohl Suther (might have the actor's name wrong) was excellent in the short-lived Grosse Point (ah, another thing The WB did right, their only half-hour show/comedy I liked).

ABC has gotten really attatched to genre dramas (maybe because they've become much of its bread and butter outside of reality TV), it's encouraging to see on one of the Big Three (Big Four?) networks. Almost a better home for sci-fi than the Sci-Fi Channel. Lost, V, Flash Forward (haven't tried out the latter yet). I'll check this out (please don't let it turn into Heroes, and on that note, please no time travel/time-freezing abilities).

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Mmmmm....Michael Chiklis
Unfortunately the script for "No Ordinary Family" isn't very good (it blatantly rips off "The Incredibles" throughout all 60+ pages) but with the solid cast and some interesting people running the show, I'll probably at least check it out.
Am I the only one who was interested UNTIL I read "Superpowers"?
Yep ;).

Not a big family drama fan but Chiklis and Benz, together at last ? Gotta be worth a look. Is she one of the main players (like the wife/Mum) ?

Canadians aren't nearly as obsessed/interested in their Prime Minister, on average, by comparison

Same here. With the parliamentary system the Prime Minister is (strictly) "just" the leader of the party in power so it shouldn't be about them as much, more your MP and party policy itself (though for this election we had televised debates between the three main party leaders which, while maybe a good way to engage people in the process, feels to me like a huge step down the US road of "politics by personality" which i'm not so keen on. Or overtly personality based politics anyway, obviously it always has been to some extent).

(course, every now and then you get a Churchill or a Gladstone/Disraeli situation where the characters involved are just bigger than the position)
Julie is playing the wife of Chiklis' character. So, yeah, it looks like it's going to be very very good.
I just saw Julie Benz for the first time last night in Boondock Saints 2 and thought she was fantastic! I'll definitely give this new series a lookover based on her alone.

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