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May 12 2010

Win a copy of the Dr Horrible DVD signed by Joss Whedon. If you want to double your chances, there's another similar competition on New Video's Facebook page (why should you be inducted into the Evil League of Evil?).

Well, that'd be cooler than cool, 'cept I'm not gonna register for a site (or whatever you have to become a member of) that I'm never going to use again.

Although it's tempting for the chance to finally get to see Dr. Horrible, my odds of actually winning are pretty much snowball.
You have to be in it to win it. I just like that phrase.
I can't figure out how to post on the facebook page. I've had facebook for a while, so this is embarrasing, but I can't find a comment function on that damn page!
Thanks, but nope, and I can't ask a question in the help center either, the page won't show. I think I'll have to use another comupter all together.

EDIT- I just had to press the like buttona dn then it allowed me to post.

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@ShadowQuest: You don't need to sign up to be entered. There's a link at the bottom to enter the contest manually.
Harlequeen Yeah, I saw that. Looked to me like it was "Sign in if you're registered" or "Register here if you're not already a member." Which...I really don't want to be.

Maybe I read it wrong. I'll check again after I get back from class.
Enter our competition!
Simon Beg pardon?
I dood it! I entered. Go read the entries - they really are all so different. And do enter it - the more the merrier.

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