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May 13 2010

Two storyboards from 'Firefly: Still Flying' plus a competition too! Titan Books have very kindly provided us with two storyboards of 'The Battle of Serenity' that appear in 'Firefly: Still Flying' (out on May 25th). They've also provided us with three copies of 'Firefly: Still Flying' to give away in a competition. To win a copy of the book, head over to the competition thread at

I've seen this on sale in two comic stores already, so either the release date is wrong or the street date is negotiable =p
Different distributor than the book stores use from what I recall.
Amazon still says it not available yet

ggrrr arrgghh
I bought my copy from Things From Another World, it's available there. (:
Ok, but...I have to sign up to use .org, don't I?

it was totally worth the 20min it took my blond as brain to figure out the registration process, when i read the other posts of fav FF moments and remembers why my first question to Joss will be "SERENITY 2?"
Good lord--clicked that .org link to read about people's favorite moments, and now I have an uncontrollable urge to watch the whole darned thing all over again. Right now.
I'm kind of amazed by how many different favorite moments people have. It's a fun thread.

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