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"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher."
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November 22 2003

'Europtrip' movie website. Michelle Trachtenberg's new movie (formerly called 'Ugly Americans') opens February 20th. The site warns that it may contain offensive content, I just found it irritating and rather pointless.

There's a couple of stills of Michelle here. Probably not safe for work.

Yikes. I think I just woke up the neighbours. Flash with sound, people.
Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I've seen the future, and it includes those stills of Michelle Trachtenberg in a bikini appearing in many a slash fic story.
um...has Zachsmind seen these???
MT has certainly grown up. I wonder if it was a conscious decision on her part or her agent's to take on this project to get away from the 'Dawn' image quickly.
Does anyone know either the title or artist(s) that sing(s) the song in that site?

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