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May 13 2010

Fan faves 'Chuck' and 'V' to return next season. So says the Hollywood Reporter's Livefeed as well as EW here and here.

Both shows are expected to receive 13-episode orders.

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Nice almost every Show I love is being renewed.
I'm glad for Morena and Adam, but I honestly think both networks would be better off without these shows. It is likely that Chuck won't make it past its next season with its shrinking ratings, and V's premise will likely not bode well for the series and its storytelling pace. The thing about being invaded is that you aren't and then you are. That whole middle part is a bit of quick event (at least narratively).

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Based on my previous comments, one might assume I'm not happy about V returning.

However, based entirely on Paul McGillion showing up for a grand total of 3 minutes and speaking with an American accent, I am now in total support of V's renewal.

Paul with his non-native accent is just trippy.
Yay Chuck! I haven't always been a fan of the Chuck/Sarah relationship, but the show has a fantastic supporting cast, is consistently funny, and makes me happy. I'm glad it will be around a bit longer.

I must admit though I'm slightly confused by the concept of V as a fan favorite (I got very bored a few episodes back, and quit watching. Everyone's just so grim all the time). But I'm happy for anyone who's enjoying it, and for the folks involved in making the show. (Personally I think Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin deserve a much better show, but maybe that's just me. :-)
As a show, "Chuck" just makes me kind of ridiculously happy, so I'm thrilled it's coming back. Like, just the thought of more show is making me grin. Yay, happy thoughts before sleepy-time!
I'm stunned by the articles suggestion that Heroes will return but FlashForward likely won't. But surprises are the order of the day, it seems, and they worked in favor 'V' and 'Chuck', so I won't complain...much.
Chuck = my favorite show--with virtually no non-Glee competition--and the most fun thing on television right now. And seeing an Adam Baldwin character not being respected is consistently entertaining--from Casey to Hamilton to Jayne.
Here's hoping that V realizes its full potential next season!
I'm actually surprised by the general dislike of V. I think it's an amazing show that was kind of slow near the beginning, but it's starting to get really intense. I'm glad it was renewed.

I haven't seen Chuck (or even heard of it). Is it worth my time? I didn't realize Adam was in it.
I'm surprised V has lasted this long.

Chuck is good albeit a little formulaic. Makes me feel like a psychic watching the show, I can predict almost every plot turn.
I'm glad V was renewed if only because the creator promised we wouldn't see a V in its natural appearance until the second season. Which is 80% of the reason I'm still watching.

I do think it'll be 13 episodes and that's the end, unless it vastly improves. We've had almost eleven episodes, and almost nothing has happened.

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I've watched every episode of V, and the last one I just stopped halfway through out of disinterest. I'll probably watch the rest some other time. I'm not even sure why I'm continuing to watch. I think I'll finish out the season and then stopped. I think the concept had great potential, but the execution has just been lackluster, for me.
To Jesse : If you like fun spy dramedy with in-jokes, gaming & pop culture references where nerd and geeks are lionised, the retail environment beautifully realised and the guest stars are awesome, do check out 'Chuck'. You might wish to hoover season 1 and 2 and what there is of season 3 before jumping into the deep end. Adam plays surly hard-ass John Casey who is quite clearly hiding a tender heart. Think Jayne Cobb with a better education and emotions generally buttoned down tight.
I love Chuck. The actual plotting could be tighter, but it's a drama/adventure that regularly makes me laugh out loud. The supporting cast is fabulous and funny, especially Adam Baldwin. It's really gotten better recently.

The romantic aspect of the show is it's weak link but it's still very entertaining.
I'm quite happy that Chuck's coming back. It's my favorite show on network television. I'm a bit surprised it was renewed, but not shocked. Chuck should be more popular than it is. It has humor, action, beautiful people, and heart.

I'm hoping V improves in its second season. I really want to like it. I don't dislike it. It's just...dull. And Earth being invaded by lizard people should never be dull. But I'm hopeful that it gets better.
Just as I predicted - the formulaic V gets renewed, while the far superior Flash Forward gets axed.
I'm happy both shows are coming back! Chuch has always been a fun show to watch and "V", imo, has been getting better and better with each episode. Plus Morena and Adam are great in their roles!
All l can say is hotdog Chuck is coming back!
Yes for Chuck! So happy about that. I'm also watching V, but not sure why...maybe it will get better next year.
Just as I predicted - the formulaic V gets renewed, while the far superior Flash Forward gets axed.

I knew someone liked it ;).
I'm excited about Chuck, and hopeful for V, that is, I think if they change up their game a bit, V could be pretty entertaining.
When Season 1 of V started, they (the creators) said that they themselves plus the network envisioned it as a series comprised of three mini-seasons total. A trilogy of seasons. Sounded promising. Bet they'll stick to it. Even if they don't get a third season, I hope they're able to wrap it up in the second.

The best thing about V are the Vs themselves, IMO, both the characters and the race/concept. Morena is effectively creepy/menacing/commanding/sly and she's probably the best discovery of the show (I know, we saw her on Firefly and in Serenity before this). I find, while watching, I wanna learn more about them, because the attempt at portraying genuinely non-human/non-human-acting aliens on TV is a rare occurance, sadly. Hopefully they expand upon them hugely in Season 2. They've done a good job at teasing us in Season 1 (and I honestly wasn't sure if we'd even get to see much of the insides of the ships in this first season, so that was nice of them to no drag out).

Love Elizabeth Mitchell, but yeah, I think anyone who saw her as Juliet on Lost preferred that character. The show's allowed Mitchell to do more lately, so I'm not as bored with her character as I originally was (Tyler, on the other hand, big snore--but I'm eager to see him realize the truth/get a big emotional punch in the gut, that should provide some good drama. The actor himself isn't bad).

Jury's still out on Father Jack (but love that actor, Joel Gretch). I dunno, if they're gonna write faith vs. crazy sci-fi happenings into the show (or faith-in-God co-existing with the acknowledgement of the aliens possibly being a part of His/It's plan), they need to do a better job of it. Recent example being...I know Ryan (the V-who-impregnated-his-human-girlfriend) is all dazed due to the shit he's going through plus worrying about his oncoming newborn, but Jack turns to him in the car at one point and is all, "You just gotta have faith" and I so wanted Ryan to boredly reply, "I wasn't born here, I don't have your superstitious hang-ups in make-believe entities, sorry". But he didn't, and you can't realistically expect him to get into a theological debate in that scene, 'cause they're supposed to be concentrating on their mission and Ryan's not in the right frame of mind. Maybe Jack was only talking about faith in people (which is such a copout on shows like these--Lost did this too with Locke, making him the "man of faith" in contrast to Jack's "man of science", but it never really lined up because Locke's beliefs weren't so much blind faith as being more open-minded due to what he'd physically felt and seen on the island, supported by others having seen and acknowledged the phenomena as well, whereas Jack was just uncurious or willfully blind to the obvious stuff in front of his face until later in the series).

Not sold on Hobbes. I understand why he's necessary to the plot, to make them a believably capable resistance group, but I don't like or find anything unique or interesting about the character.

I think V's improved since the unfortunate 4-month break that took place after only the first four eps had aired. I would've felt more reassured about the show had there not been a bunch of behind-the-scenes troubles (is Angel's Jeffrey Bell even with the show anymore ? I was curious to see his vision of the series, although I think V was sorta being run by committee from the getgo with no single showrunner in control).

Can't say how deserving or not V is of renewal compared to other on-the-bubble shows (okay, it's definitely better than Heroes, speaking as someone who can't seem to let go of that trainwreck), haven't seen Chuck (aside from a few minutes) or FlashForward. But I'm glad it's getting another shot. ABC can promote the hell out of the second season as another "Event TV!" thing. They should probably also promote that the series is intended to have a very limited shelflife, might reassure some viewers who're weary of sticking with shows that last several seasons. One of the only reasons I tuned in was because of the 3-mini-season concept, otherwise I would've been waiting for DVD or not bothering at all if I heard it was horrible.
This is great news for Adam and Morena and the rest of the cast/crew. I started watching Chuck when I saw that 'Jayne' was on the show but they have a really great group on the show. I especially like the shows where the gang seems to be having a good time with each other (reminds me of Firefly). I've only seen a couple V and haven't had time or inclination to watch the rest yet. I did finally catch up on FlashForward since the D date was coming up. I will probably catch up with V this summer.
I've lost interest in V, and I was never a big fan of Chuck.

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