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May 13 2010

Help get Nathan Fillion to host SNL. Facebook movement to get Nathan Fillion on SNL.

According to @MarcBernardin, a comic writer/Nathan Fillion devotee, on his twitter, "Hell, if it worked for Betty White..."

As much as I would like to see it happen, this campaign is fruitless.

Betty White's facebook push was successful due to it's originality. Im sure the Super Bowl Snickers ad played a part as well. These similar proceedings will undoubtedly lead to very little.
Yeah, the copycat efforts don't seem very promising.
Yeah, why bother? After Firefly got cancelled, there was no chance it was ever going to come back. In any medium.
It might not work, but what's the harm in giving it a shot? If we don't join it definitely won't work but if people join and the member numbers are high enough then heck it could potentially work. After all Betty White's group got her on, there's precident for it working so why not take the risk. It's one click of a link and then you never have to look at the page again... may as well
No, no, no. A thousand times no. Nathan deserves better than SNL.

No offense to Betty, but...SNL tanked a couple decades ago. (And, frankly, I'm surprised she agreed to do it.)

If we want him hosting something, why not taking temporary hosting duties from Letterman or Leno? I'd love to see the Cap'n interviewing a guest about their new movie.
Point is this campaign style probably wont work for anyone again.

Wasn't trying to rain on anybody's parade, just being realistic.
Yes the novelty has worn off. Why not have a Twitter campaign instead? Find an appropriate hashtag like #nathanonSNL and see if his fanbase can get that trending.

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