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May 14 2010

Cinema's best bar brawls. The Guardian's Clip Joint includes the The Maidenhead fight scene from Serenity as part of their "best clips of drunken filmic fisticuffs".

I'm not generally into bar brawls in film, but the one in Serenity was pure art. The combination of Summer's gorgeous physicality and Joss's directing skills, pretty much perfection.

I think the only other bar brawl I've really enjoyed was the one between John Barrowman and James Marsters on Torchwood, but this list is apparently just movies.
How did they miss all the other movies with girls smacking down people in highly choreographed bar fights? I'm glad Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was the first comment (and with a Youtube clip!) but there's also stuff like Come Drink With Me, Xia Nu, A Touch of Zen, or basically every other wuxia movie with a girl fighting in it.

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