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May 14 2010

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffy comics for August. We get the previously released details for the Riley one-shot and the finalised cover for the Buffy Season 8 Volume 7 'Twilight' tpb (first glimpsed back in January).

And the riley and sam image is quite generous with the muscles!! Buffy and Angel are actually pretty good in the tbp...
Yes, I look forward to the Absolute editions of Buffy season 8 when we can see the covers in huge format. If Dark Horse gives Season 8 the same treatment as they did for 'The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century', then it'll be a must have item for me.
I like that the Riley one-shot comes out in mid August.Less time to wait between that and Buffy #36 on September 1.
I'm still bugged that the TPB reveals Angel right from the start. That still feels like a really stupid move on DH's part. Still, love the image. Love having a nice print of it.
Calendar marked for the TPB release. Thanks for the information!
I just wish there wasn't such a space between the end of S8 and the beginning of S9
It looks like Angel is aiming exactly for her nipple. I get an ouchy feeling every time I watch the picture enlarged.

It's a good cover, though I keep wondering how it factors in with the supposed "romance" of it all.
To me that cover is a decent representation of what went on in the Twilight arc, as well as expounding on Twilight's earlier comment about Buffy 'turning her sword on herself'.
I didn't see much romance in any of it. Sex isn't always about romance (guess season 6 makes that statement for me). Angel got Buffy to create a new universe and for a minute she was going to stay there, but then she saved the day as per usual.
Watcher's Pet--so far, they've been reporting that Season 9 could start as early as July 2011. With Season 8 scheduled to end in January 2011, that's not that long a wait (compare it to the wait from the end of Angel Season 5 in May 2004 to the premiere of Buffy Season 8 in 2007, although we had an in-continuity Buffy comic in between that wait with Tales of the Vampires, at least). They really need the extra lead time/prep time that the 6 months off will provide, to get as much planning done and as many issues under their belt as possible. It might mean less wait between issues of the shorter Season 9.

Is the TPB cover a bit of a reversal, or a Season 8-ish take on the scene in "Becoming" Part 2 where Buffy runs Angel through with the sword ? That looks like it might be a portal behind them.
There's also MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 5 trade paperback, which looks to include Jane Espenson's "Harmony Comes to the Nation" and Felicia Day's first short Guild comic.
Does anyone know which of the trades will (or if, really) have the MSDHP stuff in them?
Would bet good money that they'll include everything in the eventual hardcovers (which will also potentially be oversized editions. Or maybe they'll wait for years down the road to do "Absolute" editions). Maybe some of the missing MySpace Dark Horse Presents material from Season 8 could also show up in the final couple trade paperbacks. It'd be nice for those buying the trades. Otherwise, it'll always be available online, at least, because fans have downloaded, saved, and then uploaded them for all of time. But a lotta the trade readers will probably miss out, unless there're ads in the trades directing them to go online for more Season 8 content.
espalier, the sixth tpb had material from MSHDP.
Harmony Bites (MDHP 18) and Vampy Cat Play Friend (MDHP 19) were in the Predators and Prey TPB. And now Harmony Comes to the Nation (MDHP 25) in the Twilight TPB.

I think that leaves the following material not printed/collected in a Buffy TPB so far: Always Darkest (MDHP 24), Tales of the Vampires: Carpe Noctem (MDHP 31), and the Tales of the Vampires and Riley one-shots. Perhaps they'll cram all this into the final TPB, but it doesn't really all fit together.

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