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May 14 2010

(SPOILER) Fox video of Joss Whedon talking about 'Glee'. We find out why he's a Gleek. If you can't access the video due to your location, you should be able to view it on the show's home page.

Apparently Joss is doing a conference call today about his episode.

ETA: Fox PR was kind enough to share with us some behind the scenes photos as well.

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Brittany is my hands-down favourite too! She gets THE best lines, and always manages to completely change the tone of every scene she's in. :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Simon! I can't wait to see this episode!
This is so great, I am really looking forward to next week's Glee!
Welcome! Glad you enjoyed :).
Ooooh I'm so weeks episode! *squeeee*
I think my cat's been reading my diary.
Joss gushing is always brilliant.
Joss is choreographing, too? Is there nothing this man can't do?
Do I espy Joss doing "Jazz Hands" in pic 4?
Ah, I like Brittany too. Her "Dolphins are just gay sharks" line was a classic! But my favourite character has to be piano guy. I can't wait for the episode where he finally talks.

Looking forward to this. I have been a bit down on Glee since its return, but I really enjoyed the last episode I saw (Bad Reputation.) NPH and Joss together again can only bring more good things.
Sorry, Joss. Usually I respect your opinions and decisions, but not on Glee. This show just has some really bad writing, pacing, and plotting. I respect it for being unique as a musical show on tv, but it is definitely not as good as any musical endeavors Joss has done. That said, I watch each week and I've heard this could be the best ep yet. So, I'm eagerly awaiting his episode.
I'm glad directing this show makes Joss happy, but I have to ask, which character will he be killing off and will it involve chest impaling?
Team Brittany!! (I seem to be jumping on a bandwagon here, but hey, if Mr. Whedon is driving, then who cares.)

With all respect to the "gay sharks" moment, not to mention her comment that if sex were dating, "Santana and I would be dating," my absolute favorite Brittany line so far was from Sectionals, about Emma Pillsbury: "She's the one they made me talk to when they found out I was keeping that bird in my locker."

So random and ... randomly wonderful.
@quantumac - V. funny. Maybe it'll be Jesse (how many episodes is Jonathan Groff's contract for, anyhow?).
"There was a mouse in mine."
Add me to the list of Brittany fans.

Can't wait for this ep :)
Brittany does indeed rock my socks. She almost reminds me of Anya in a random manner. ;) I'm thrilled that Joss is thrilled to be directing.

Finding joy? That's what makes him such a great director. Even when he impales someone in the chest. *facepalm*
Sometimes I forget my middle name.
Anyone that can say "Dolphins are just gay sharks" & keep a straight face gets my vote. Brittany is awesome :) So excited to see this episode! Joss! NPH! GLEE!

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