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May 14 2010

(SPOILER) Five page preview of the Serenity: Float Out comic book. This Wash one-shot is penned by Patton Oswalt and will be out on June 2nd. We're promised "tantalizing hints" about the Serenity universe's future.

Looking forward to checking this out :).
Yes, I'm glad it's coming out before the CSTS events. Be a useful item to give away as a prize.
Is the comic completely Wash-centric or do we get the rest of the crew in some form? I've only read a few previews to avoid spoilers but the ones I've seen seem to point in that direction.
Looks good but I wanna see more!
I'm kinda miffed that the story isn't starting with the onscreen family we learned to love, reacting to the death of one of their own. Instead, we start off with these strange characters which we can't put a voice to and know nothing about. It may well be an entertaining and thoughtful book, but it doesn't look promising to my own expectations.
It looks like after that third page, it's gonna get flashbacky, so Wash'll probably show up soon after.

Apparently it might include more than just Wash ? A surprise appearance by one other already-established 'verse character, or at least some connection between Wash and this character discovered ?

Don't think it's going to show the whole crew, even in cameo, unless there's a concluding shot with them all in it.

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