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May 14 2010

Joss Whedon on directing Glee. Excerpts from this morning's conference call with reporters. More coverage can be at iFMagazine, Collider, and Zap2it.

Short, but sweet interview, and I voted for 'Firefly/Serenity' in the poll (but really I have loved every single show Joss has done!).
I put in a different link as The Wrap's coverage was a bit more extensive and added in Zap2it's link in as well. And I'd like to thank my 11 month old son for making that more diffcult than it should have been. He's fascinated by Twitteresque.
Joss praises Friday Night Lights. Flove+10.
And we will be doing a special "Discuss tonight's episode of Glee" next Tuesday on the front page.
I love that man.
Cool. Even a "Friday Night Lights" shout-out. I'm starting to like this Whedon guy.
Ha, I'm also watching through Friday Night Lights now. A few more episodes left of S1. Love that Joss is in on it too.
I don't really agree with him on "Glee", it's fun, but the show has a lot of flaws ! But it's great that he's watching "Friday Night Lights", it might be the best drama on tv right now.
I have to wait until after you lot watch Glee...avoid the twittering and 'acquire' it after some nice person makes it available for me... *sigh*...but still YAY!

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