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May 14 2010

NBC picks up Friends With Benefits and The Cape. Our very own Topher Brink and River will be regulars!

Here's a first look at Summer Glau's character, Orwell.

FYI - This article also mentions the pickup of Summer GLau's The Cape.
Edited. Thanks!
Sorry nuccobko I was editing at the same time as you.
NBC airing that show makes it sound like they are scheduling a block of two shows...

Here's hoping that Kranz can be as appealing when he's not playing unappealing.
If I was casting a sitcom and Fran walked in, I'd cast him on the spot. And then figure out what character he can play later.
Exciting news, but too bad they aren't in the same show together. I loved their dynamic on Dollhouse to no end.
Thanks! See they canceled Mercy though....
Not crazy about either premise but I will be checking out both of them.
I think The Cape is the new show I'm looking forward to most. No idea what it'll be like, but it sounds like a great role for Summer.
Personally, I think Fran is better at drama than at comedy. Topher was a bit exaggerated and overacted in season one. Loved him in season two though, when they showed his darker, more serious, more mature side. I think Frank played the dramatic storylines of his character in a nice, subtle way.

VERY EXCITED FOR SUMMER GLAU'S PILOT. The concept sounds silly, but Summer Glau is so cute, I have to try everything that she is in. If I wasn't gay, I'd marry her right away (only if she wanted me of course).
I'm very glad for both of them.

I'm not sure how widespread the appeal of "The Cape" will turn out to be, a lot will depend on the execution of the concept. Hopefully it will turn out well and catch on.
I'm delighted for both of them. I think now Fran's pilot is picked up he'll be able to tour Europe like he said he would.
So awesome that The Cape got picked up! Julie's and Summer's shows! And Fran's!! :D Great, great week.
Definitely looking forward to the upcoming tv season - and here's to hoping that NBC will will treat its advertising of the Cape very carefully (that image of poor David Lyons put me in stitches for ten minutes.)
I added a link to a photo of Summer Glau's character. I think it's been linked here before but seems she's playing a blogger. Now with nifty nail polish.
I swear she's just working her way through last names as first names. Orwell, Bennett, Cameron...

And Fran's project sounds like it might actually be decent, I rather liked (500) Days of Summer. Go them!
Fran Kranz just sent out a tweet saying that while Friends with Benefits has been picked up, he has not. =(

[ edited by Cyantre on 2010-05-15 10:49 ]
Yep, seems like he was fired form the show.

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