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November 22 2003

Tim Minear delurks at the ASSB with tidbits regarding the AtS Season 3 DVD's and his new show Wonderfalls.

What did he say? The Voy demon has struck again *sighs*.
"Hey, Saltygoodness, I know who my daddy is! Also I was the one who dug out the screen tests and extra cut scenes and made sure they were included so there'd bloody BE some decent extras on the Season Three set. I promised the folks over at the UK newsgroup that I would. So ignore the lame commentaries by me and watch the footage. Also, I made sure I tried to do a decent track for "Home" for Season Four. And the "Firefly" commentaries aren't nearly so cringy."

...and that work on his new show is going well.

Mr. Minear's Season 3 commentaries are really not very interesting, but he wrote those great episodes so who cares about the commentaries!? ;)
Thanks :) Voy seems to be working now, thank goodness. I do like Tim Minear, love the way he will post out of the blue when you least expect it.

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